Betrayal at Krondor - Chapter 6
Gorath & Owyn must find the Book of Macros

This Chapter is probably the richest one in the Game, crammed with Quests and sub-Quests, many of which are optional. The below Walkthrough will describe all the possibilities.

If you decide to skip some or all of the optional Quests, you will also miss a lot of the story, and possibly a lot of interesting Items, useful in later Chapters.

Chapter 6

Here is the recommended procedure for finishing Chapter 6:

  • KRONDOR SEWERS (optional)
    • Talk to Kat
    • Find the Idol of Lassur
    • Give Kat the Idol of Lassur
  • KRONDOR TAVERN (optional)
    • Talk to Nivek
    • Find Nivek's Key
  • MALAC'S CROSS (optional)
    • Talk to Abbot Graves
  • SLOOP (optional)
    • Talk to Mitchell Waylander
    • Get Note for Abbot Graves
    • Give Note to Abbot Graves
  • THE ALCOHOL MINI-QUEST (purely optional)
    • Go to Kenting Rush
    • Talk to Lurough
    • Talk to Ugyne
    • Find Lady Boswich
    • Find Keshian Ale Casks
    • Give Lurough an Ale Cask
  • EGGLEY (optional)
    • Go to Stellan's Office
    • Find Map
  • SARTH (optional)
    • Talk to Brother Marc
    • Explore Sarth Mines
    • Enter Sarth Library
    • Enter the Lower Level
    • Kill the Brak Nurr and exit West
    • Enter Caldara
    • Talk to McCannur Ban Dok
    • Find Prince Calin and get Key of Lineages
    • Find Eliaem
    • Find Eliaem's Heart
    • Give Eliaem's Heart to Eliaem to get the Shell
    • Go to Ancient Valheru Ruins
    • Find the Hilt of the Guarda
    • Repair the Guarda
    • Explore the complete area
    • Enter Elvandar
    • Talk to Tomas and Aglaranna
The Chapter can be finished without performing all of the above. Most of the Quests are unnecessary, although recommended. KAT'S QUEST will tempt you to re-visit Abbot Graves in Malac's Cross. The ABBOT'S QUEST will lead you to Sloop, where you will meet Mitchel Waylander again. The ALCOHOL QUEST is totally unnecessary, but allows you to meet Count Corvalis and his daughter Ugyne again, in totally new circumstances.

In this Chapter Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be freely travelled, although Zone 5 will be inaccessible. The Combats in these Zones will mainly be completely new, and unique to this Chapter. Extremely few Combats will have carried over from Chapters 1 - 3.

A BUG in Version 1.01 will allow you to Teleport to the Temples of Tith and Dala, and thus enter Zone 5. The various resulting glitches are worth exploring.
No Combats will be encountered. Highcastle and Northwarden won't exist.
This Bug can be utilized - see TIPS AND TRICKS page.

The below Walkthrough is quite complex. Click any of the Six Basic Headings below, if you want to JUMP to a section.



Gorath and Owyn will start their journey in the Sewers below Krondor (Upper Level). This level is familiar from Chapters 1 and 2. No new Combats will be found here in this Chapter, but some may have been left unfought in Chapters 1 and 2. Limm will be found in his usual place, and will offer you some new information, and sell you some odds and ends for 100 Gold, among them the Crawler's Spynote, which mentions the Idol of Lassur.

Locate Kat in the southeast corner of this level. She will ask you to find the Idol of Lassur. Kat may be trusted, as she is actually plotting to kill the Crawler. Now find the recently opened entrance to the Lower Level. Immediately you will run into two Rogues and one Rogue Mage [Combat 05]. The Chest they're guarding is Trapped. Gorath's Lockpicking Skill has surely reached 20 by now, so he will easily deactivate it. The Chest contains the Idol of Lassur and the magnificent Sword of Lims-Kragma. You can now explore the Lower Level of the Sewer, if you feel up to it.


To tell the truth, the Lower Level does not contain anything of extreme importance, although you can pick up some nice items here. There are five more Combats to be fought, consisting of various combinations of Rogues, Rogue Mages, and Quegian Pirates. There are no more Trapped Chests to look out for, but a few Locked and Ordinary ones, and a handful of Dead Bodies. It is recommended that you pick up some of the stuff found here. At least then you'll have something to sell in the Krondor Shops.

When you're done with this level, return to the Upper Level and meet Kat again. If you give her the Idol, she will reward you with information indicating that you should go to Malac's Cross, and talk to Abbot Graves again. This will trigger an optional side-Quest, by no means necessary for finishing the Chapter, but interesting nevertheless. If you want to skip it, you may just as well decide to hold on to the Idol. It can be used 8 times to kill any Enemy instantly, but beware: it will subtract 20 points from the Skills of the Character holding it!

TIP! If you don't mind a bit of cheating, you can use the CHEAT CHEST to store the Idol, thus keeping your Skills intact. You can then retrieve it whenever you want. Just remember to take it back, before the Chapter ends - otherwise it will be lost to you!

Exit the Sewers, go to the Krondor Tavern and talk to Nivek. His information should direct you out of Krondor, to the crossroads just North of the city. The Body holds Nivek's key. Re-enter Krondor and talk to Nivek again: He will direct you towards Eggley, where the key will prove useful. Of course you can go dircectly there, but why not take Kat's advice and seek out Abbot Graves first?

NOTE: The game can easily be finished without performing the Abbot's Quest, and the Alcohol Quest (in Kenting Rush). If you'd rather skip these two Quests, you'd be better off heading towards Eggley (and Sarth). Skip to the SARTH SECTION.



Go East towards Darkmoor and Malac's Cross. Soon you will run into Gran Petrumh, who has now fled Malac's Cross, and is on her way to her friend Ulam's house in Darkmoor. She will ask you to recover her Ale Cask from Ivan at the Queen's Row Tavern. If you perform this micro-Quest, Petrumh will reward you with some Picklocks, and no less than 16 charges of Fadamor's Formula!


Malac's Cross is heavily guarded by Pantathians. You will encounter three groups of the Serpent Men. The first group of two [Combat 32], and the second group of three [Combat 33] shouldn't be too hard to handle, but the third group of FIVE Pantathians [Combat 34] is serious business! Save before and after each encounter and carefully use ALL your resources (Naphtha, Infinity Pool, Restoratives, EVIL SEEK, SKIN OF THE DRAGON, FETTERS OF RIME, etc.)

Once in Malac's Cross, go to the Chapel, talk to Abbot Graves and learn of his predicament. The Abbot is in serious trouble. In order to help him you will have to visit Mitchel Waylander in Sloop. Note that the Chapel's TELEPORT function is unavailable now, and will be until you've performed the Abbot's Quest. Before leaving Malac's Cross, why not pop into the Tavern, and get Petrumh's Ale Cask from Ivan?


On the way to Sloop you won't meet any NEW enemies until you exit the Lyton Area, go North, and pass the TWO INNS. Before you do so, you should re-visit the Aal Oracle. If you didn't kill them in Chapter 3, here you will run into two Pantathians [Combat 31]. You may also want to visit the Temple of Lims-Kragma, in order to get a Blessing for Gorath's recently acquired Sword of Lims-Kragma. And, if you never made it through the ARMY of Shades guarding Sethanon in the earlier Chapters,
GO THERE NOW! The Shades will be gone, you can easily access the Sethanon caches, and get new Spells for Owyn (DRAGON'S BREATH, DANNON'S DELUSIONS and GRIEF OF 1000 NIGHTS).


On the Road North towards Sloop, you will probably encounter three Enemy groups, if you stick to the Road: Two Rogues and two Quegian Pirates [Combat 35], another two Rogues and two Quegian Pirates [Combat 36], and three Rogues and two Quegian Pirates [Combat 36]. All these can be avoided by staying close to the mountains.

Enter Sloop, and locate Mitchel Waylander's house. He will offer some new information, and give you the NOTE Abbot Graves is waiting for. Of course, you can now go back South to Malac's Cross, finish the Abbot's Quest, and avail yourself of the Chapel's TELEPORT function to go wherever you want. But if you're not in a hurry, why not go to Romney? Or all the way to Kenting Rush?


On the Road from Sloop to Romney three Rogues and a Rogue Mage may be encountered [Combat 38]. In Romney, make sure you visit the Black Sheep Tavern, in order to talk to Jason for one last time. Unfortunately the game doesn't offer a Quest for making the poor boy's life any easier.


If you now head North towards Kenting Rush, you may run into some Enemies carried over from earlier Chapters, but if you stick to the Road, you will only meet two new Enemy groups, three Moredhel Warriors and two Beasthounds [Combat 15], and four Moredhel Warriors and one Beasthound [Combat 16], just South of Cavall Keep. If you now enter Cavall Keep, and visit Count Corvalis' House, you will be told that he has fled to Kenting Rush.



You will find three Rogues hanging out near the Kenting Rush Well [Combat 17]. A western path will lead to the Dagger 'n Star Tavern. Talk to Lurough in order to trigger the Alcohol Quest. Near the Road leading to the Temple of Kahooli you will meet Ugyne Corvalis again. She will tell you about Lady Boswich. Locate Lady Boswich's Barn. You'll need 50 Gold Sovereigns in order to bribe her Guards. Note that Count Corvalis is staying with the Lady, but this time he's not as bossy as before. The Lady Boswich will tell you how she keeps her booze hidden away, with a little help from a magician named Patrus!

Now locate Lady Boswich's secret valley to the East. You might run into four Rogues [Combat 19] on the way there, but when you've penetrated Patrus' illusory mountain, you won't be able to approach the Alcohol Chests without triggering a Trap with two Trolls [Combat 04].

This Combat/Trap is much simpler than it looks. The Trolls can't move, so Owyn can easily kill them by casting INVITATION. Then navigate the Trap: The Near Solid and Transparent Crystals are obviously useless. Ignore them. The Red Pole current can NOT be deactivated. Push the FAR Transparent Crystal in front of the Right Blaster in order to get rid of the Green Pole Current. Then push the Far Solid Crystal in front of the Left Blaster. Done.

Don't get greedy! You only need one of the Ale Casks in order to complete the Quest. Give it to Lurough, and he will reward you with a Sword of Lims-Kragma [83]. Gorath probably already has one, but he can always sell it in a Shop of his own choice, or (perhaps better) leave it in a Moredhel Chest in Dimwood, for James and Locklear to find in Chapter 7 (see below).

Whichever way you choose to leave this area, make sure you visit the Temple of Kahooli first. Note that you can't exit into Zone 5 (Northwarden). A group of six Rogues [Combat 18] is guarding the pass. They can be fought, but the Combat is endless. (Good practice, though.)

Please remember that you have now been performing various sub-Quests, which are not necessary in order to finish this Chapter. You have been told so before, but if you now want to change your mind, here are three basic choices at this stage:

NO HURRY. If you want to explore all possibilities, now retrace your path towards Krondor on foot (or Teleport to the Temple of Lims-Kragma). If you haven't completed Abbot Graves' Quest, remember to stop at Malac's Cross. Also remember you can enter DIMWOOD SOUTH from the Sethanon Sector. Any Dimwood Combats will be Combats carried over from earlier Chapters. There are no new Combats in Dimwood in Chapter 6. Perhaps you have a spare Sword of Lims-Kragma you want to leave here, for Jimmy and Locky to pick up in Chapter 7? Wherever you go, make sure you end up near Krondor.

MEDIUM HURRY. Teleport back to the Shrine of Istalon in KRONDOR, and start the Eggley/Sarth sub-Quest (see below).

BIG HURRY. You really shouldn't be here, so TELEPORT to the Temple of Killian, and go straight to the MAC MORDAIN CADAL (see below).



Take the road to Eggley via Tanneurs. If you haven't already done so, visit Tanneurs. You can get the HORN OF ALGON KOKOON from a Locked House here.

You will run into some new Combats with Moredhel Warriors and Rogues. The Rogues can be a pain, because they're Immune to Owyn's EVIL SEEK. South of Tanneurs you'll have to fight five Moredhel [Combat 38], and six Rogues [Combat 39]. North of Tanneurs four Moredhel are waiting [Combat 40], and South of Eggley you will meet four Rogues [Combat 41].

In Eggley, the house which looks like a shop is Stellan's office. You can open it with Nivek's Key and find a Map to the mines under Sarth.

Your next destination is Sarth, either via the pass between Eggley and Questor's View (many Combats), or by returning to Krondor, and taking the road North towards the Temple of Sung (few Combats):


If you continue North and West from Eggley, you'll find six Rogues hanging out West of the Franklin's House [Combat 42]. Where the road forks towards the Temple of Silban, you can fight another group of five Rogues [Combat 43]. Finally, as you approach Questor's View, be prepared to fight five Moredhel Warriors [Combat 44]. (For the completists, it should be mentioned that four Rogues and a Rogue Mage [Combat 45] can be located North-West of the Temple of Silban.) When you reach the fork East of Questor's View, head South. On the road towards Sarth you will have to fight two groups of four Moredhel Warriors [Combats 34 and 35].


The Road from Krondor to Sarth is not as cluttered with Enemies. Just North of Krondor you should be prepared for five Moredhel Warriors and one Spellcaster [Combat 46]. The Temple of Sung is now guarded by four Scorpions [Combat 37], but they will leave you alone unless you approach the Temple. Finally, six Rogues are waiting South of Sarth, near Brother Marc's cornfield [Combat 36].


Talk to Brother Marc in order to learn that Sarth can't be entered in the normal way. You can only enter via the Mines, and this you can only do if you're holding the Map found in Stellan's Eggley office. You've probably visited the Mines before, but if you haven't, make sure you pick up the suit of Grey Plate Armor from the TRADE MARES Chest. It may be useful later, unless you've already solved the Kobolds' Quest.


When you enter the Sarth Library, you will be rewarded with three Emeralds and a copy of Dorcas' Treatise. You will now be able to read a SPECIAL BOOK, indicating that you will need to go to Elvandar, and talk to Tomas, in order to find the Book of Macros.

Since Elvandar can only be entered via the MAC MORDAIN CADAL (between Zun and LaMut), you will be heading North. If you want to avoid as many Combats as you can, go South and Teleport from the Temple of Sung to the Temple of Killian. If you're not combat-shy, walk. The Combats in the Sarth Area have already been noted (see above). In the Questor's View Area and the Area North of Questor's View FOUR groups of five Rogues may be encountered [Combats 30, 31, 32, 33].


If you've chosen to WALK, you will ultimately exit Zone 2, and enter the ZUN Sector of Zone 1. If you've TELEPORTED to Killian, exit the Temple, and go West towards Zun. Either way, you will have to fight five Beasthounds [Combat 35] South of the Mac Mordain Cadal.


Before you enter the MAC and head towards the final stage of this Chapter, you should note that in this Chapter there are quite a few extra Combats available in Zone 1, apart from Combat 35, mentioned above.

Combat 34 - 5 Beasthounds

Combat 42 - 5 Beasthounds

Combat 41 - 2 Moredhel Spellcasters + 3 Shades (INTERESTING!)
Combat 40 - 4 Moredhel Warriors + 1 Moredhel Spellcaster

Combat 39 - 5 Moredhel Warriors

Combat 38 - 2 Moredhel Warriors + 1 Rogue Mage + 2 Beasthounds
Combat 37 - 4 Moredhel Warriors + 1 Moredhel Spellcaster

Combat 36 - 3 Moredhel Warriors + 2 Beasthounds



Surely you've already fought all Combats and emptied all Caches here. If you haven't, seek out the Brak Nurr - you must kill it in order to enter the Lower Level.


In the East Section three Rogues [Combat 02] can only be fought in Chapter 6. You may already have performed the Kobolds' Quest, but if you haven't, you'll be grateful for the GREY PLATE ARMOR you picked up in the Sarth Mines.

If you've been here in Chapters 2 and 3, you will have noted the Barriers keeping you away from the Western Section of this Area. In this Chapter the Barriers have gone - you can go all the way to the Western Exit.

On the way out, don't overlook a North Chamber, containing three Chests. The Chests are guarded by three Trolls [Combat 04]. A Locked Chest here contains the very scarce TOUCH OF LIMS-KRAGMA Scroll, extremely useful to Owyn. Lockpicking Skill of 63 (Version 1.02) or 67 (Version 1.01) is needed to open this Chest. One or two Amulets of the Upright Man will help.

After exploring the Lower Level of the Mac Mordain Cadal, locate the Western exit, kill the second Brak Nurr [Combat 05], and embark on the final stage of this Chapter.



There are two Roads to Elvandar:

THE NORTHERN PATH. Follow the Main Road to the Eastern Bridge. Cross the Bridge, and stay on the Main Road. This path is extremely difficult, although quite possible. It is not recommended, unless you've first performed Eliaem's Quest, and entered the Ancient Valheru Ruins, in order to get the Guarda Revanche, which is the most powerful Sword in the game. The areas North of the river are particularly rich in Combats, but an exploration of these areas will be very rewarding.

THE SOUTHERN PATH. After Caldara leave the Main Road before it turns North towards the Bridge, and take the South Trail towards the Western Bridge. Meet Eliaem and complete her Quest. After crossing the Western Bridge, leave the road, go West along the river's bank until you reach the mountains. Then go North, travelling as close to the mountains as possible, in order to avoid the Sleeping Glades. Enter the Ancient Valheru Ruins, find the Guarda Revanche, and exit to Elvandar through the Northern Exit of the Ruins. Before you enter Elvandar in this way, you should seriously consider exploring the areas North of the river first.


is immune to FLAMECAST,
but will suffer Double Damage and Double Freeze Duration

is immune to FETTERS OF RIME Damage (Freeze Duration normal),
but will suffer Double Damage

On exiting the Mac Mordain Cadal you will meet McCannur Ban Dok, who will offer information, and tell you where you can find Prince Calin. (He can also improve your Armorcraft Skill for a fee of 100 Gold Sovereigns.) Explore Caldara. (Please note: Apart from Delcinad's Shop, the Caldara Shop is the VERY LAST PLACE Gorath and Owyn can spend money, unless they retrace their path through the Mac Mordain Cadal.)

Now locate Prince Calin. North of Caldara there is a narrow valley, which penetrates the Eastern mountains. You can reach it by following the Main Road towards the Eastern Bridge, and then taking the East Trail. If you want to avoid Combats, keep off the Road and go North, staying as close as you can to the Eastern edge of the mountains.


In the Caldara Area look out for:

[COMBAT 02]: Two Grandsire Wyverns, North of Caldara. Don't miss four Tree Stumps and two Locked Chests nearby.
[COMBAT 03]: Three Grandsire Wyverns, Main Road near East Trail Fork. The nearby TRAP is extremely simple.
[COMBAT 07]: Three Moredhel Warriors and a Spellcaster, East Trail.
[COMBAT 06]: Three Moredhel Warriors and two Witch Hags, East Trail.

If you take the Main Road all the way to the Eastern Bridge, you'll have to fight a Moredhel Spellcaster, a Bulldrake Wyvern, and a Grandsire Wyvern [Combat 08], and deal with a simple, but easily bungled TRAP:

This solution involves both Characters.

Owyn can solve this Trap on his own,
without any help from Gorath.

Can you see how?

If you want to cross the Eastern Bridge NOW, and explore the area north of the River, this area will be briefly treated near the bottom of this page.


Farther along the East Trail, you will encounter an extremely devious Trap:

This solution may, perhaps, be simplified.
If you know how, please inform the Webmaster.

At the end of the Trail, two Moredhel Warriors and two Witch Hags are waiting [Combat 12].

Calin's Valley lies to the East. Entering, you will have to deal with a Trap including a Moredhel Spellcaster and two Grandsire Wyverns [Combat 23]:

Thanks to Larry Paff, here's the best solution to date: Owyn pushes the Transparent Crystal diagonally as soon as he can. This move places him next to the Spellcaster, who now can't cast any Spells. Gorath concentrates on killing the two Wyverns (who can be be distracted by summoning Beasthounds or Rusalki). The Trap will be navigated easily, as soon as the Enemies are gone.

TIP: Before you meet Calin, make sure that Gorath's Crossbow Skill and Owyn's Stealth Skill are the ONLY SELECTED SKILLS!

Prince Calin will impart LOTS of imformation, give you a KEY OF LINEAGES, and the THY MASTER'S WILL Scroll. He will also offer to improve Gorath's Crossbow Skill and Owyn's Stealth, free of charge. Before you leave Calin's Valley, visit Delcinad's Shop. Exiting the Valley, you may also want to explore the area, before you go South. You'll find the SPONGE Chest, and four Tents (one of which is TRAPPED!).

Go back to where the South Trail branches from the Main Road West of Caldara. Take the South Trail.


You'll meet two Grandsire Wyverns here [Combat 01]. If you now go directly NORTH from the Combat site, you will find ELIAEM near the river bank. She will hand out a Quest: Recover an Eliaem's Heart stolen by a Spellcaster. If you already have a Heart, you can solve this Quest NOW. If not, find the Spellcaster (and four Rusalki) West of the Western Bridge [Combat 05]. You'll find an Eliaem's Heart, if you search the Spellcaster's Body. Revisit Eliaem. In exchange for the recovered Heart, you will be rewarded with Rations [168] and Eliaem's Shell.

The game is seriously bugged at his stage. Details will be found in the MAP WEB (South Trail Map, see above). If you just want to avoid the BUGS, without knowing how they affect the game, here's how:

If you're playing Version 1.01, make sure that Gorath and Owyn have THREE empty slots in their combined Inventories, before they give Eliaem her Heart. If they don't, first place some Items in a BAG.

If you're playing Version 1.02, make sure that Gorath and Owyn have THIRTEEN empty slots in their combined Inventories, before they give Eliaem her Heart. If they don't, first place some Items in a BAG.

In the extreme South-West corner of this Area, you will find three Chests, two Locked and one Trapped. Cast SCENT OF SARIG, open the Trapped Chest, and find WRATH OF KILLIAN, WINDS OF EORTIS and MAD GOD'S RAGE. Now cross the Western Bridge, after fighting two Grandsire Wyverns [Combat 04].

When you've crossed the Bridge, turn left, and follow the river bank until you reach the mountains. Now go North, staying as close to the Mountains as possible. If you stray to far to the East (right), you will enter the Sleeping Glades.

You will soon reach the entrance of the Ancient Valheru Ruins. It is guarded by two Bulldrake Wyvern's, one of them pregnant [Combat 18]. The Ruins can not be entered unless you've talked to Prince Calin, and received a Key of Lineages from him. Even if you already have such a Key, it is of no use unless you've talked to Calin, and 2 points will be subtracted from your Strength every time you try entering. If, however, you HAVE talked to the Prince, 6 points will be added to your Strength when you enter.


You can fight 5 groups of two Shades here [Combats 01 - 05]. A Trapped Chest (Skill > 55) contains 1600 Gold Sovereigns! Keep in mind that Gorath and Owyn will have no use for money after this Chapter is finished. There are two Locked Rooms here. The South Room (Guilder's Passkey) contains the LIFE and EQUALS Chests. Among the treasures they will yield are a hoard of various Quarrels, the scarce Sarigsbane and Roric's Seal, the MAD GOD'S RAGE Scroll, and the MIRRORWALL Scroll (version 1.02 only). In the North Room (Key of Lineages) you will find the GLAMREDHEL Chest. This is particularly rich in treasures, the most important of which is the "Exotic Sword", which is the Hilt of the Guarda Revanche. Use Eliaem's Shell to repair this, and you will have gained the most powerful Sword in the game. The Guarda carries a #3 Blessing in version 1.01, none in version 1.02 - and it is bugged. Please refer to MAP WEB for details (see above map).

NOTE! The Northern exit of the Ruins will lead you directly to Elvandar, and this Chapter will finish. If you still want to explore the area some more, DO NOT exit this way, at least not now.


Exploring the areas North of the River is not necessary in order to finish Chapter 6. The Combats here are pretty heavy, but the rewards are substantial. Some of the Combats can surely be avoided, if you study the Maps carefully.


CROSS THE EASTERN BRIDGE. Two Grandsire Wyverns are waiting North of the Bridge [Combat 09]. The Main Road leads to Elvandar and the Western Bridge. Don't go there now, but leave the Road, go North and aim for the extreme North-Eastern corner of the area. This will probably involve you in some heavy fights with three Bulldrake Wyverns [Combat 13], four Grandsire Wyverns [Combat 14], and four Bulldrake Wyverns [Combat 20]. As you near journey's end you will spot two Tents near the river bank. Here you will be attacked by three Moredhel Warriors and a Witch Hag [Combat 19]. This Combat is definitely worth your while - the Witch Hag is holding the only available copy of the FIRESTORM Scroll! In the Webmaster's opinion, this is the most valuable SPELL in the game. Don't leave the area without locating the nearby STARS, RAIN, and SADDLE Chests. Now go back towards the Eastern Bridge.


GO TOWARDS WESTERN BRIDGE. North of the Eastern Bridge, follow the Main Road, leading towards the Western Bridge and, ultimately, Elvandar. Fight two Grandsire Wyverns and one Bulldrake Wyvern [Combat 10]. If you go directly South from this Combat site, you will find two Locked Chests by the river. Back on the Road, continue West. Soon you'll reach a fork in the Road. The Main Road leads on to the West and North, but a Southern Path leads towards the Western Bridge. Here you will meet an interesting group of Enemies: two Bulldrakes, one Grandsire, and a Witch Hag [Combat 11]. The path forks - South towards the Bridge, and West towards the Sleeping Glades, which you should stay away from.

NOTE ON SLEEPING GLADES. If you enter this area, you will fall asleep every time you take a step. Rations will be consumed at an alarming rate! The mechanics here are not easy to establish, but it seemingly each LARGE STEP takes approximately 31 hours. This means that one, and sometimes two, Rations will be consumed per step.


GO TOWARDS ELVANDAR. If you approach Elvandar by the Main Road, and veer West, the Sleeping Glades will get you! Your Spyglass (or Eyes of Ishap Spell) may indicate some potential objects of value, but they're hardly worth the trouble.

Soon after the Main Road turns North, you will encounter two Bulldrakes and one Grandsire
[Combat 16], and a Trap. The Trap is fairly simple:

Gorath pushes the left Transparent Crystal forth, thus getting rid of the Green Pole Current. Next he pushes the right Transparent Crystal into a position to trigger the right Blaster, in order to get rid of the Red Pole Current. Owyn finally pushes the Solid Crystal forth, clogging the Left Blaster. Owyn can now comfortably exit the Trap, since the Red Right Pole shields him from the Right Blaster.

Near a Trail leading to the East (the North Trail) you will have to fight four Bulldrakes [Combat 17]. When the Combat is over, follow the North Trail. You'll meet two Bulldrakes [Combat 15]. Nearby you'll find the Dragontail Well, where you can boost your Characters' Strength. In version 1.01 this is TRICKY, and in version 1.02 the Well is BUGGED! Consult the MAP WEB (see map above) for details.

If you want to follow the North Trail any farther, you will have to fight three Bulldrakes [Combat 21]. Return to the Main Road and continue North.

Before you reach Elvandar, you'll have too face FIVE Bulldrakes [Combat 22]. Remember that entering Elvandar is equivalent to finishing the Chapter. If you intend to do this now, please note that a Trapped Chest in the Sleeping Glades, directly West of Elvandar, contains a BESSY MAULER. If you have sufficient Rations, you can reach this Chest. The Trap will be easily deactivated, if you remember to cast SCENT OF SARIG first.

The Chapter will be over as soon as you enter ELVANDAR. You will meet Tomas, who will give you the BOOK OF MACROS, which will transport you to a new world, Timirianya, where you will find PUG, release him from his prison, and save his daughter GAMINA.

will return in Chapter 8.