Chapters 1-3, 6


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The Webmaster has been known to describe this as nasty, but really it is very, very simple, if you know the trick! First kill the Trolls. Since they can't move, Owyn can easily kill them by casting INVITATION! Then navigate the Trap: The Near Solid and Transparent Crystals are obviously useless. Ignore them. The Red Pole current can NOT be deactivated. Push the FAR Transparent Crystal in front of the Right Blaster in order to get rid of the Green Pole Current. Then push the Far Solid Crystal in front of the Left Blaster. Exit.

Bless Type #3 - Price: 25 + 70% of Basic Price
Basic Curing Factor = 65
Teleport = YES

You can only talk to the Priest of Kahooli in Chapter 3. He can tell you who the Leader of the Nighthawks is, but first you have to prove yourself worthy of the cause by performing an Act of Piety. In order to do this, you first have to visit the Prelate (East of the Temple), in order to learn of the Codes of Piety. The only act of Piety you can actually perform is Mortification of the Flesh - and this can only be achieved by Starving. Store all your Rations in a Bag behind the Temple, and sleep past the next midnight until 6:00 AM. (Midnight is feeding time, and since you don't have any Rations, you will go into Starving Condition. The Temple is closed during the night.) If you now re-enter the Temple and talk to the Priest, he will tell you who the Nighthawk Leader is, and inform you that he is now Excommunicate. If you're lucky, your stashed Rations will still be in the Bag where you left them. If not, it doesn't really matter because the Priests will give each Character Rations [27] as they leave the Temple.


The Prelate's House is protected by Rogue Guards in all Chapters. This is a "repeat" Combat - even if you kill them, the five Rogues will reappear. This is quite a good place for practicing your Skills - after you've killed them once, they will come back with their Stamina at ZERO. As you go on killing them again and again, their Weapons and Armor will get worse and worse as well. If you handle this cleverly, and are prepared to spend some time here, you can easily improve your Combat and Casting Skills quite a lot here.

Only in Chapter 3 can you enter the Prelate's House, if you've talked to the Priest at the Temple of Kahooli first. The Prelate will tell you about the Codes of Piety (for a donation of 50 Gold Sovereigns). This should make you realize that you need to Starve in order to get the information you need from the Priest of Kahooli (see above).


Kenting Rush is quite a lively little town. It is central to the Main Quest of Chapter 3, and in Chapter 6 there's a mini-Quest to perform here as well. Apart from the Shop, and the two Taverns, it has some places worth visiting:



David can improve your Scouting Skill (free of charge) by 8 - 12 points,
depending on your selections.


You can get a Lightning Staff [30] from Shoral, if you can answer his questions correctly. There are three questions - answer YES to the first one, NO to the second one, and Owyn will take care of the third question! But beware: If you make a mistake, you will lose all your Gold Sovereigns (up to a maximum of 1000).


In the Well you will find a Knight's Piece. You will need this in order to finish
Chapter 3, so make sure you don't stash it in an unsafe place! You won't be
able to enter Cavall Run without it.


This Tavern is quite unremarkable in Chapters 1-3, but will be different in Chapter 6. Interestingly, a man here will offer to carry messages to Northwarden. If you have Spynote #19 (taken from an enemy in Combat 16, near Cavall Keep), he will promise to deliver it. (The purpose of this eludes me, unless it's supposed to make clear that the events of Chapter 6 coincide with those of Chapter 5.)

More importantly, you can now talk to Lurough, the innkeeper. He will complain about the shortage of alcohol, and ask you to help out. You have now initiated the Alcohol Quest. If you can find an Ale Cask (one will do) and bring it back to the Tavern, Lurough will reward you handsomely with a Sword of Lims-Kragma [83].


You will run into Ugyne Corvalis here in Chapter 6. If you ask here about HER FATHER, you'll find that she has learned the sordid truth behind the Corvalis family saga and the vile machinations of her brother Neville/Navon. Poor lass! No wonder she seems distraught. If you've already talked to Lurough (see above), her ALCOHOL keyword will be activated as well, and she will direct you towards Lady Boswich's Barn.


In Chapters 1-3 this is just an ordinary Barn containing a couple of trinkets. In Chapter 6 you will find the stern Lady Boswich here. (Count Corvalis is with her, but obviously not in command.) The Lady's Barn is heavily guarded, and you will have to bribe the guards before they allow you to enter. This will cost you 50 Gold Sovereigns. The Lady will tell you about her secret wine reserves, and how to reach them through an illusionary mountain, created by a quaint little magician named Patrus!


Navon, Ugyne's suitor, is the Leader of the Nighthawks, and will be found near the abandoned inn in Kenting Rush in Chapters 1 and 3. In order to finish Chapter 3 you must unmask him and kill him, but you can only do so in this Chapter. By the time you reach him in Chapter 3, you will have uncovered many clues pointing towards the fact that he is responsible for the Black Sheep Tavern murders, one of which is the strong smell of jasmine which seems to accompany him wherever he goes (Jason, Haphra).

CHAPTER 1 If you've visited Count Corvalis in this Chapter, you can ask Navon about him. If you've been to Malac's Cross and discussed CHESS with Ivan Skaald, Navon will teach you Sandau's Retreat (for 100 Gold Sovereigns), a chess move which will leave Ivan helpless.

CHAPTER 2 Navon is absent, presumably busy murdering Kingdom soldiers in Romney.

CHAPTER 3 In this Chapter you can learn the final secrets of the Corvalis family saga. You also need to unmask Navon as the Leader of the Nighthawks, kill him and get his Cellar Key, in order to be able to finish Chapter 3.

There are two ways to unmask Navon, the way of RELIGION and the way of KNOWLEDGE. The first is simpler and only involves the Priest and the Prelate of Kahooli (see above). If you have talked to Kahooli's priest, you can ask Navon about KAHOOLI. If you've performed the Starvation ritual (see above under Kahooli and Prelate), Navon's EXCOMMUNICATE keyword will turn on. You can now unmask him, and fight him.

The second way is rather more complex, and involves quite a bit of travel, but is actually much more interesting. If you've gained all possible information from Count Corvalis and his daughter (see Cavall Keep sector), more of Navon's keywords will become available. In addition to COUNT CORVALIS, you can now ask him about HIS NAME and THE ACCIDENT. But this is not quite enough! In order to reveal Navon's last keyword, SWORD, you will need to enter Cavall Run (see) and find the Abbot's Journal, which Ugyne lent to Navon. This will do the trick: If you have asked Ugyne about the SWORD, and have the Abbot's Journal, you can finally ask Navon about the SWORD. He will now reveal his true colours, and you will be able to fight him.

In case you can make neither head nor tail of the Corvalis saga, or if you are just somewhat vague about some aspects of it, here's a simple guide. If you want details, you'll just have to go back to the game.

Navon is really Neville, Ugyne's half-brother. Neville is not the Count's son.

The original Cavall Keep used to be situated above Cavall Run. Cavall Run used to be the Keep's cellars, where Ugyne and her brother loved to roam when they were children. Cavall Keep has been destroyed in a fire, and the Count has moved to the present Cavall Keep. Cavall Run is now a hangout for Nighthawks and other nasties.

When Count Corvalis realized that his wife had cheated on him, and that Neville wasn't his son, he decided to kill Neville. He rigged the wine cellar to collapse, and sent Neville down there to fetch a bottle. Miraculously Neville survived, stole the Spyglass, and got taken up by the Nighthawks. He assumed the name of Navon Du Sandau. (Du Sandau was the name of a drunken architect held responsible for the collapse of the wine cellar.) Navon grew up to become a Leader of the Nighthawks. His first act of revenge was the destruction of Cavall Keep. Recently he has been courting Ugyne, hoping to marry her, thus finalizing his revenge.

Please don't ask me why Navon left the Spyglass in Romney, to be found there by James and Company. Also don't ask me how the Silver Spider got involved in this mess. Nor why you're supposed, in Chapter 3, to solve the mystery of the Spyglass and the Spider (sic). As far as the Webmaster is concerned, Chapter 3 is a Detective Story: Who is responsible for the Black Sheep Tavern Murders? Phrased thus, it would be easier to solve. So why this Spyglass/Spider confusion? If anybody can rationalize this, the Webmaster would be most grateful for an analysis, or even an attempt at one.

This is a rough table of all Enemies in this sector of Zone 4. For more detailed information click on the Combat Number in the map above, or in the table below.

Combat # 04 ( Trap in Secret Valley ) Zone 4 Chapter 1-6 Enemies= 2
TR 013 0601 00 59 51 00 34 65 56 80 00
TR 014 0101 00 50 67 00 29 67 50 83 00 50.00
Combat # 13 ( Prelate's House ) Zone 4 Chapter 1-3 Enemies= 5
RG 048 0105 06 20 16 04 17 52 38 46 00 SKA94 BSW67 FRO04 00.28
RG 049 0306 06 22 32 04 14 33 49 44 00 SKA57 BSW84
RG 050 0407 05 25 17 03 19 49 39 54 00 SKA87 BSW93 WHT04 LEW01 00.43
RG 051 0506 04 27 17 03 16 56 34 57 00 SKA79 BSW57
RG 052 0604 04 26 24 05 18 52 32 65 00 SKA75 BSW59 HAM02 00.27
Combat # 14 ( Nr Abandoned Inn in Kenting Rush ) Zone 4 Chapter 3-3 Enemies= 1
NV 053 0408 00 70 60 06 35 85 75 80 00 DPA90 GSW92 TLC85 QEN12 SLV08 FRO04 CEK01 NOT30 DIA80 98.00
Combat # 17 ( Kenting Rush Well ) Zone 4 Chapter 6-6 Enemies= 3
RG 064 0103 05 27 16 04 15 60 43 55 00 SKA88 RAP82
RG 065 0306 05 33 35 04 14 33 38 48 00 SKA96 2HB97 HAM04 16.00
RA 066 0606 04 29 27 03 15 53 48 54 00 EAR48 2HB98 TLC75 QUP15 22.00
Combat # 18 ( North of Kahooli ) Zone 4 Chapter 6-6 Enemies= 6
RG 067 0006 05 37 19 03 14 37 44 57 00 SKA80 KIN83 RUB31
RG 068 0104 04 31 19 03 17 47 32 54 00 SKA90 GOB78 RTT10 GPK01 RES02 13.00
RG 069 0208 04 27 20 03 17 41 47 65 00 SKA80 2HB72 11.00
RG 070 0306 05 32 16 04 14 45 48 49 00 SKA81 2HB89
RA 071 0506 06 40 15 05 20 52 43 49 00 SKA98 2HB74 MCR70 QUP10 PEK01 RED04
RG 072 0704 06 29 27 05 19 43 30 47 00 SKA94 2HB88 PIC01 33.00
Combat # 19 ( South of Prelate's House ) Zone 4 Chapter 6-6 Enemies= 4
RG 073 0104 04 27 24 03 20 56 37 51 00 DPA77 2HB89
RA 074 0207 05 22 15 04 18 34 42 49 00 EAR78 GOB90 TLC97 QUP07
RA 075 0406 05 37 16 03 14 42 35 42 00 EAR85 RAP82 TLC74 QEA11 RTT02 BRO84 RES02
RG 076 0606 06 37 19 04 17 37 41 53 00 SKA92 2HB97 PEK01 LEW03 15.00