Betrayal at Krondor - Chapter 3
The Spyglass and the Spider
Gorath, James & Owyn must find, and kill
the Leader of the Nighthawks.

In this Chapter you must follow a tenuous thread of clues, which finally point towards Kenting Rush in the North. There you will find the Leader of the Nighthaws, but in order to kill him you must first unmask him. Before you head North, there's a small side-quest you can perform: the Guild War Quest, which will provide you with a series of clues.

Chapter 3

At the start of Chapter 3, you will discover that two Items have been added to your inventories: the Spider and the Spyglass. The Spider can be used to poison any blade or arrow (like Silverthorn); the Spyglass works like the EYES OF ISHAP Spell (without the cost). You will also find that because of the Guild War, the prices in the Romney Shop are six times higher than usual. This means that you can sell Items here at great profit. Now would be a good time to empty all Caches in the neighborhood, and make some money. You may even want to cook up a scheme or two, in order to make advantage of this. (See Tips and Tricks page: Making Money during the Guild War.)

The first thing you can do in this Chapter is to end the Guild War. You will pick up some clues on the way, but make sure you don't finish this Quest until you've utilized the high prices at the Romney Shop. Once the Guild War is ended, the prices will revert back to normal.

  • In Romney
    • Talk to Jason
    • Talk to Duke Romney
  • Bring Message to Arlie Steelsoul
  • In Sloop
    • Go to the Brewery
    • Talk to Mitchel Waylander
  • Go to Silden, talk to Joftaz (optional)
  • Talk to Abuk (optional)
  • Get reward from Duke Romney

In Romney talk to the boy Jason at the Inn. Next talk to Duke Romney in the house to the left, and accept to bring his message to Arlie Steelsoul.

Arlie lives in a house south of Sloop (the one with the KEEP OUT! signposts). Stick to the Main Road, and don't enter Sloop for the time being. You will be ambushed by 2 Nighthawks [Combat 30] near Romney, and 3 Nighthawks [Combat 29] near Sloop.


There are two ways of approaching Arlie's House. If you stick to the Road you will meet Podrich, Arlie's servant, who will ask you if you've brought Arlie's food. Ignore him. Note the empty Chest in Arlie's cornfield. If you can obtain Poisoned Rations (or poison some using Coltari Poison), and place them in the Chest, they will get picked up after 24 hours. Arlie will now admit you. Alternatively, if you avoid the Road, you can enter Arlie's house from the back, but you'll have to navigate an devious Trap.

Either way Arlie will give you a copy of Chapel's Rmur n Whepuns. You have now ended the Guild War, and can pick up your reward from the Duke (300 Gold Sovereigns and a Virtue Key) any time you want.

Now go to the Brewery in Sloop to find out who poisoned the ale. The culprit seems to be no other than Mitchel Waylander, who lives in Sloop. His house is ambushed by five Nighthawks [Combat 28]. Mitchel is actually innocent, and will tell you the whole truth. A clue will now lead you to Silden.

You will be attacked by three Nighthawks just south of Arlie's, but otherwise you shouldn't run in to any new Enemies on the way to Silden.


In Silden talk to Joftaz at the Inn, and accept his Quest. The Powder Bag is easy to find - it's next door to the Tavern! Before giving it to Joftaz, however, exit Silden and examine it. It has 8 charges. Give 7 of these to Gorath and Owyn, making sure James is carrying ONE. You can put these to good use, and Joftaz will be quite happy with one of them. Then go and find Abuk, who will be found more or less in the same place as before (in Chapter 2). He will supply additional clues, and direct you to the THORNS Chest north of Silden, but surely you've already emptied that one!

A guest in the Silden Tavern will tell you that the Upright Man has been killed. This might tempt you to return to Krondor. You should be able to do so without running into any new Enemies, unless you decide to re-visit the Aal Oracle, in which case you will certainly come across two Pantathian Sorcerers [Combat 31]. Beware! They can cast some nasty Spells.


Re-visit Malac's Cross. You can purchase a NEW Lecture Ticket from Abbot Graves, and raise your Assessment Skill some more.

Once in Krondor, you can now enter the Palace directly. Talk to Katala. Also, note that it is now possible to TELEPORT from the Shrine of Astalon. Have a chat with Limm in the Sewers. He won't allow you to explore the Sewers, but will offer information about the Crawler and the Upright Man's death. He will also give you as many Virtue Keys as you want, sell you an Amulet of the Upright Man for 300 Gold Sovereigns, and, for a fee of 120 Gold, improve your Stealth by 10 points (15 if Selected).

At this stage you will probably want to retrace your path towards Romney, in order to pick up your reward from the Duke, and get on with the Main Quest of this Chapter. By now you should have picked up enough clues in order to realize that you should be heading North from Romney, towards Prank's Stone, Cavall Keep and Kenting Rush [Zone 4]. If, however, you are eager to explore, there are numerous new Combats waiting to be fought in Zones 1 and 2 (North of Krondor), Zone 7 (Dimwood), and Zone 5 (Highcastle/Northwarden). Refer to this Chapter's SPECIAL PAGE for a complete listing.




Exit Zone 3 North of Romney, and enter Zone 4 (Prank's Stone Sector). You will be greeted by 3 Nighthawks [Combat 08]. The Trap South of the Bridge is quite simple - James can navigate it alone. North of the Bridge four Rogues [Combat 05] want to know whose side you're on. If you don't want to fight them, just say NO to all their questions.

Everybody in Prank's Stone wants to cheat you out of something, so beware. If you locate THE STONE, don't touch it! You will lose most of your Keys. (In version 1.01 you will lose 100 Gold Sovereigns and all Keys. In version 1.02 you will lose no money, but all Keys, except Virtue Keys.)

A man in THE FLYING SOW tavern will explain the meaning of "Mortification of the Flesh".

West of Prank's Stone you'll run into four Nighthawks [Combat 09]. Towards the river there's a Graveyard, where you can fight two Shades [Combats 20, 21]. One Grave will yield a Virtue Key, another contains Flaming Quarrels. On the river bank you'll find the SILENCE and WRONG Chests.

You will soon reach a path leading towards the TEMPLE OF BANATH. Two thieving bastards will demand that you lay aside your weapons before entering the Temple. Ignore them. BANATH is the God of Thieves.

Enter the Temple, though, just in case you might want to TELEPORT here later.


To the North you'll come across a group of three Trolls [Combat 01]. If you have a Tuning Fork, you have nothing to worry about. If not, a Powder Bag will be useful.

You'll soon see a path towards West - this is the path to Cavall Run. Follow it, and encounter a Trap. This Trap might LOOK hard, but it is really easy:

Push leftmost Crystal once, diagonally, towards Left Blaster.
Push middle Crystal twice, diagonally, towards Far Right Blaster.
The way out is now clear, unless you do something stupid.

The entrance to Cavall Run is behind the Waterfall, you will need a Knight's Piece in order to enter. Don't miss the Bushes on the left.

Now go on North towards Cavall Keep. Before you reach the Keep, you should explore the areas on either side of the road. To the EAST you'll find the PEACE and CARDS Chests, a BARN where six Moredhel Warriors [Combat 10] are hidden (one of them carrying a SPYNOTE), a group of four TROLLS [Combat 02] and five TREE STUMPS nearby, and most importantly DABEH'S FANCIFUL TRINKETS (a Shop which specializes in Spells and Magical Items). UNFORTUNATE FLUX and BANE OF THE BLACK SLAYERS are tempting to buy, if you don't have them already.

To the WEST you will soon find two Houses standing close to a field. One of the houses is the local Franklin's house. Talk to the Franklin. In the South-West corner you'll come across some of Count Corvalis' Guards [Combat 03]. They will leave you alone if you've spoken to the Franklin. Near by is a Herbal Farm - a good place to stock up on Restoratives. To the North might have to deal with a group of three Nighthawks and two Black Slayers [Combat 11] in order to approach the WAGON, SHADOW and SAWS Chests. There's also a Trap here, much easier than it looks:

There's a Blaster at [4,1], but one of the Characters will hide it from sight. Pushing the Transparent Crystal diagonally to the right will trigger this Blaster, and effectively ruin the Pole Current. Now there's a clear way out between the Trap Poles.


A narrow pass towards North will lead to Cavall Keep (to the West). Before entering Cavall Keep, look out for two Chests to the East: WALL, and an ordinary Chest containing a LETTER from Count Corvalis to the High Priest of Kahooli. This letter is essential to the Main Quest of this Chapter.

Cavall Keep is central to the Main Quest of this Chapter, and the story behind it.
This is treated in detail in the MAP WEB.

The Fountain contains some small change, hardly worth picking up. If you still have the "Credit Note" from the THORN Chest north of Silden, you can have an interesting conversation with Isunatius in the Moneylender's Hall. He won't give you the money, but the FINANCES keyword will be turned on when you reach Count Corvalis' House.

Talk to Count Corvalis. If you've read the above mentioned LETTER, you can ask him about NAVON. (The Count can also, for a fee, boost your ASSESSMENT SKILL.) Go to the Tavern, and talk to Peter the Grey. He will offer more information. Now exit Cavall Keep and locate Ugyne, the Count's daughter and Owyn's cousin. Talk to her until you can ask her about the SWORD. After you talk to Ugyne, you can return to the Tavern, where Peter will give you more information.

WARNING! Do NOT talk to Ugyne, until AFTER you've talk to her father and asked him about Navon. If you talk to her first, you may not be able to find her again!

Now go North towards Kenting Rush. There's a Shop (Et Cetera Goods) North of Cavall Keep, but just before you reach it you will be attacked by three Nighthawks and a Black Slayer [Combat 12].



Although Kenting Rush Village is the place you're aimed at, please be aware that there's quite an extensive area to the East, that you can explore. Starting from the South, you will find the NOISE, NAME and SUNSHINE Chests, and farther North, the TABLE Chest. An Eastern Valley contains two Locked Chests (one of them carrying a SPYNOTE). The Eastern end of this valley is illusionary - you can pass right through it, and find a Secret Valley with a Trap, two Trolls [Combat 02], and FIVE Chests mostly containing Keshian Ale Casks, which are of no use to you in this Chapter. Leave them alone until Chapter 6. In a North-Eastern Valley you'll find the COFFIN and COLTS Chests.

When you enter Kenting Rush (from the South), you will see a Well by the road. Check it - if you have a Virtue Key, you will be able to fish a KNIGHT'S PIECE from the bottom of the Well. (This is the KNIGHT'S PIECE you need in order to enter CAVALL RUN, the dungeon behind the Waterfall (mentioned earlier). David Tatum the Scribe lives in the house opposite. He can improve your Characters' Scouting Skills.

Next you will meet NAVON DU SANDAU. By now, you have surely collected enough clues to realize that Navon (Neville) is the Leader of the Nighthawks, responsible for the Romney carnage. You can discuss various subjects with Navon, especially if you've already talked to Count Corvalis and Ugyne. (He can even teach you a new Chess Gambit!) But in order to kill him, you must EXPOSE him first!

Before exposing Navon, first explore KENTING RUSH.
A western path off the main road will lead you to Shoral's House. Shoral is a Magician, who will ask you three questions: If you say YES to the first one, and NO to the second one, the third one will take care of itself, and Owyn will gain a LIGHTNING STAFF (the USE of which is equivalent to the SKYFIRE Spell). Beware - if you give the wrong answers to Shoral's questions, you'll lose more than your honour.

There are two methods of proving that Navon is the Leader of the Nighthawks:

If you asked Count Corvalis about NAVON, and if you asked Ugyne about the SWORD, this method is possible, but first you'll have to find the ABBOT'S JOURNAL, which Ugyne lent to Navon. This will be found in Cavall Run (the lair of the Nighthawks). If you now have the Knight's Piece, return South, and enter Cavall Run. You'll find the Abbot's Journal in the ROPE Chest in the Eastern Sector (see MAP below). If you now return to Kenting Rush, holding the Journal, and talk to Navon, you can ask him about the SWORD. This will EXPOSE him, and allow you to fight him.

This is a bit easier, but not as interesting. Talk to the Priest in the Temple of Kahooli. He will direct you to the Prelate's House East of the Temple. The Prelate's House is surrounded by guards, who will let you through ONLY if you've already talked to the Priest of Kahooli. The Prelate will will explain the three Codes of Piety. You can only perform one of these - Mortification of the Flesh. Now go back to the Temple, place all your Rations in a Bag, and then Sleep until you are in a Starving Condition. Enter the Temple. If you now talk to the Priest, he will help you (and reward you with 27 Rations per Character). If you're lucky, your Rations won't have been stolen from the Bag. Now find NAVON again. Ask him about KAHOOLI, and then ask him about EXCOMMUNICATE. Then fight him.

Whichever method you choose, you will be able to fight Navon, in order to gain the treasures yielded by his dead body, among them a SPYNOTE (which differs between Version 1.01 and Version 1.02); and most importantly the CELLAR KEY, needed in order to finish this Chapter deep in CAVALL RUN. You should know by now that CAVALL RUN is the dungeon behind the Waterfall, which can only be accessed with the KNIGHT'S PIECE.

(PLEASE NOTE: Whichever of the two methods you choose, it is essential that you read the Abbot's Journal in order to learn about the Guarda Revanche. The Guarda, which Gorath can find in Chapter 6, is the most powerful Sword in the Game.)



If you want to go through Cavall Run fast (either in order to find the Abbot's Journal or in order to finish Chapter 3, then stay away from the Northern passages, and stick to the Southern and Eastern parts. However, a trip through the Northern passages of Cavall Run should be interesting, although perhaps not very rewarding. Look out for those Black Slayers! Although you can "kill" them, they tend to rise again, unless you cast the FINAL REST Spell. [See MAP WEB].

Here's a "quick" way through:

Enter the first Chamber. Fight 4 Spiders [Combat 09]. The rightmost Spider is practically dead. There's a Bush here, containg Rations [5]. Exit to the North.

Enter the second Chamber. Fight a Black Slayer and 2 Spiders [Combat 10]. Don't miss the OCEAN Chest. The West Door leads to the North, so exit via the North Door. The corridor will bend East, then South. Go as far South as possible (but note the SHOES Chest in one of the side corridors). The Southern passage will bend East. Soon you'll note a passage branching North. Choose this one. (If you go on East, you'll end up in a Chamber containing 3 Nighthawks and a Black Slayer [Combat 07], and a Trapped Chest.)

Go North, East, North. Encounter 3 Spiders [Combat 08]. Then exit North. The Corridor soon bends East - don't go too fast, or you'll fall into a PIT!

In order to cross a PIT you must have Rope in your Inventory. If you do, just walk right up to the PIT, and click it (like you would click a Door). The game will take care of the rest.

After you've crossed the PIT, you will come to a Locked Door. You'll need Picklocks in order to open this. Continue North. The Corridor will soon bend East, and then North again. Soon you will be at a Crossroads.

If you go straight on (North) you will be heading towards the Northern part of the Run. If you go Left (West) you will enter a Chamber containing the BUBBLE Chest and the ROPE Chest (where you'll find the Abbot's Journal). If you go Right (East) you will enter a Chamber, where a Nighthawk will commit suicide rather than meet you. There are two Chests in this Chamber. The Door leading South is the FINAL DOOR in this Chapter, can only be opened with Navon's CELLAR KEY, and will open a large Chamber containing the DARKNESS Chest. Once you open this Chest (in Chapter 3) the Chapter will finish.

Before you finish Chapter 3, note that the party will now split. James will go back to Krondor, taking all of the party's money with him. In Chapter 4 Gorath and Owyn will be alone, imprisoned in the Dungeons below Sar-Sargoth in the Northlands, without a single Silver Royal. So before you open the DARKNESS Chest, transfer valuable Items from James' Iventory to Gorath's and Owyn's Inventories, especially the Spider and the Spyglass.

will return in Chapter 4.

will return in Chapter 5.