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since November 17, 1998

Latest: February 24, 2023

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Version 8.2 (Oct 2, 1998)

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BAK can be downloaded from
www.sierra.com [DEMOS]
but this version is BUGGED.
You must run the PATCH as well.

You can download
a PATCHED version from
Paul Combetta's Gateway to Krondor




This Patch originally updated
version 1.01 to version 1.02.
Seemingly, it also fixes
in the free download version.

Archivist's Update: Dec 1, 2022

The BaK Help Web now has a permanent home at Dimwood.net. This site will exist until the current archivist dies, and another takes over his place. Let the memory of Professor Björnsson live on eternally. You can contact your very much happy to be alive archivist vga256, by e-mailing: vga [@/at] vga256.com with any questions or comments about the site :) You can also find me on mastodon here.

Archivist's Update: August 10, 2021
I am sad to report that a family friend confirmed that the original author of BaK Help Web, Eysteinn Björnsson, passed away in February 2021. It shall be my honour to host BaK Help Web in his memory in perpetuity.

May you rest in peace brother,
- vga256

The notification from Eysteinn's friend Gunnar was posted at the GOG community forums in March of 2021:

I just wanted to thank you for keeping the BaK help web alive and you, vga256, for re-hosting 
the whole site! The original author was Eysteinn Björnsson, an old friend of mine who 
unfortunately passed away at the end of February this year, at the age of 67. The site went 
down when he stopped working for the University a few years ago and they purged his webspace. 
That also included an amazingly detailed analysis of old Norse poetry and manuscripts - which 
will soon be re-hosted by the Icelandic Ásatrú Fellowship (the Pagan/Old Norse 
society) on a new website they are working on. 

I hadn't realized the sites were down until after he passed away and desperately tried to get 
the BaK web back through the WayBack machine, hoping to revive it somehow or at least keep it 
archived - and I was incredibly relieved and happy to see that you here have already shared 
the .zip and put it back up! Way to go. Thank you so much. I know he would really appreciate 
it and that he was glad to see how long-lived the site turned out to be. 

Eysteinn was a friend of my parents who was completely immersed in fantasy and sci-fi and 
introduced me to so much material when I was growing up. He translated a large part of the 
Lord of the Rings into Icelandic and whenever he would discover some piece of art or fiction 
that intrigued him, he would immerse himself in that world and practically live there. He 
introduced me to Krondor when it was originally released (I was 11 at the time) and I vividly 
remember him working on that site throughout the 1990s - the amount of work and detail that 
went into making it was simply astounding. A one-man video game wiki! I'm glad that so many 
people have found the website valuable throughout the years and I hope that more players will 
keep coming back to it. Feel free to share that zip file as much as you want - it's part of 
his legacy, now. A nice way to keep his memory alive. 

Gunnar Theodór

Archivist's Note: October 17, 2020
This site was archived by Links in 2011 before it disappeared from the web when the author's university web server closed the account it was hosted on. As this site has been gone for years, and there is no way of contacting the original author for permission, it is being hosted here until such a day that the author can claim it or provide explicit permission for it being re-hosted. Don't bother trying to e-mail the author via the links on these pages, as that e-mail address is long gone!

The Webmaster thanks various contacts at SIERRA, who like this Website, and do not object to any text or graphic contained herein.

The Webmaster has also been contacted by various people who were instrumental in creating the game, including the producer, the writer, and one of the main programmers. They all like the BAK Help Web, and have no objections to the Webmaster's use of any material, textual or graphic, copied from the game and used in these pages.

Apart from obvious quotations from the game itself, all text in this Website is written by and is the intellectual property of the Webmaster. The same applies to his manipulations of the game's graphics. If you intend to use the contents of this Website for some other purpose than viewing them directly via your browser, please observe the following:

1. You are quite welcome to download any or all parts of the Website on to your personal computer, for private use.

2. You are more than welcome to place a link to the BAK Help Web on your own Website, but only to the Front Page (krondor.html), not to any other pages in the Web. The Webmaster would be glad to learn of any such links. If your Website is BAK-related, contains material not already contained in the BAK Help Web, and conforms to standards acceptable to the Webmaster, it will be included in the LINKS page, if you wish.

3. If you copy material from this Website, be it text, html-code or graphics, and redistribute it in any manner without permission from the Webmaster, this will be considered a copyright infringement. Should the Webmaster become aware of any such infringement, a warning will be issued. If the warning is disregarded, a complaint will be made to your provider.

Please take this seriously. Only one such warning has been issued to date. It was ignored, so the provider had to be contacted. The website in question was subsequently deleted by the provider. While the Webmaster does not like drastic measures, they are (unfortunately) necessary in such cases. Plagiarism is equivalent to Theft.