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Fredrik Eriksson's
(Version 8.2)
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The ULTIMATE BaK Editor, written exclusively for the BaK Help Web
Do you want to download BaK-Hacker now?
Run bakh_v82.exe to unzip all necessary files.
You will need the system file vbrun300.dll in order to run BaK-Hacker. It should be located in the Windows\System folder. In case you don't have it, you can download it NOW!

Please read the following:
BH Icon BaK-Hacker is an extremely versatile program, that will allow you to edit BaK saves. You can change Characters' Skills and Statistics. You can add, replace, or remove Items from the Characters' Inventories, and modify these Items at will. You can cure afflicted Characters (and afflict them). You can even teleport to any possible (or impossible) location!
BH Icon Version 7.3+ even allows you to switch Characters within a Chapter! Would you like to play Chapter One with THREE Owyns? THREE Goraths? Or, if you are really dying for a challenge - how about Patrus - ALONE!
BH Icon BaK-Hacker also has many features, specially included for Hackers and Testers. Among these are: the ability to switch Chapters, fiddle with Coordinates, and keep track of Experience Points. And lots more. There are hardly any limits to what you can do here - it all depends on your deviousness in manipulating BaK!
BH Icon BaK-Hacker is "safe". It only modifies saved-game files, and NEVER touches the all-important krondor.exe and krondor.001 files. If you somehow manage to irretrievably mess up a saved game, this is YOUR problem. It goes without saying that you should never fiddle with an IMPORTANT save, unless you have a copy of the original (which can easily be created within BaK-hacker).

In case of problems, first check out the helpfile.
Press F1 in the program, or double-click it in the program folder.
Most aspects of BaK-hacker are explained there.
If a solution to your problem cannot be found in the helpfile, then contact the author.

The Webmaster would like to use this opportunity to express immeasurable gratitude to two persons - Jay Sevara, who started all this, and Fredrik Eriksson, who finished it!
Here's the story:

A year ago I hardly knew that hex-editors existed, let alone how to use them, and couldn't have cared less. Enter: Jay Sevara.

Jay sent me my first hex-editor, and patiently taught me how to use it in order to hack BaK (or, rather, in order to figure out HOW to hack BaK). Most of my spare time since then has been spent on this, which is actually the reason why the Web hasn't been updated a lot :-)

During my explorations I managed to collect a huge amount of hacking data. The big question was: How on earth was I ever going to find the time to add this data to the BaK Help Web? Utter despair. Enter: Fredrik Eriksson.

Soon after I started corresponding with Fredrik, it became obvious that he, too, was interested in BaK-hacking. So, of course, I sent him some data, and then some more. Before I knew what had happened, BaK-Hacker (version 1.0) had been conceived!

BaK-Hacker (version 8.2) is the final result. The program is, by now, only partially based on my original data. Fredrik has expanded it far beyond my wildest dreams, and patiently dealt with all my whims.

Jay! Thanks to you, wherever you are! (Are you still somewhere out there?)

Fredrik! Limm will, after all, not allow us access to Hacker's Rest, but BaK will never be the same! Tack så mycket!