Chapter 6


This is an Image Map. Click Green Caches, Yellow Combats, or Red Arrows.

The Ruins can not be entered unless you've talked to Prince Calin, and received a Key of Lineages from him.

Even if you already have such a Key, it is of no use unless you've talked to Calin, and 2 points will be subtracted from your Strength every time you try entering.

If, however, you HAVE talked to the Prince, 6 points will be added to your Strength when you enter.

The Northern Exit leads to Elvandar, and the end of Chapter 6. This is not the only way to enter Elvandar, so strictly you don't NEED to go here in order to finish the game.

However, here you will find the Hilt of the Guarda Revanche, the most powerful Sword in the game. Unfortunately this Sword is BUGGED. Read all about it.



The North Exit of the Ruins leads to Elvandar, so don't exit unless you're sure you've done all you want to in Chapter 6. Do you have the Guarda Revanche? Have you found the FIRESTORM Spell? Or MAD GOD'S RAGE? TOUCH OF LIMS-KRAGMA? Are you well stocked with basic necessities like Rations, Rope, Restoratives, etc.? You'd better be, because Gorath and Owyn are going to a place where such luxuries are not easy to come by!


The Guarda Revanche is the most powerful Sword in the game, and not easy to obtain. If you've read the ABBOT'S JOURNAL (found in Cavall Run), you should have lots of clues:

"...and so came I unto the Abbey of Killian which stood unto the western fringe of the forest of the Eledhel, so named Elvandar, and there was shown a fairy chest upon whose face were the runes which are common unto the elven and moredhel kin. A certain father then did turn the strange cylinders which were on the face of the chest, forming a word unfamiliar with me, GLAMREDHEL, but one which threw open the latches which bound closed the lid of the box. From within he brought a finely jeweled hilt which he called the Gaeda. This father then told me it had come from a ruin of an ancient place and since, there was much misfortune come unto their abbey and they willed it should be returned there for its eternal rest. He also did tell me other things strange and wondrous of the legend, saying a spell had been bound into a shell that would repair the blade which had long been broke away, describing this shell as one marked with an uneven surface of ten misformed lumps ...."

You will find the Hilt in the GLAMREDHEL Chest.

Eliaem will give you the Shell, if you solve her Quest.

Unfortunately the Guarda is bugged. It is powerful, and any enhancements applied to it will stay there forever, but it is seriously bugged. Here's how:

Version 1.01 - Guarda with Bless #3. The Blessing makes the Guarda *TOO* strong for BAK's mathematics! Some enemies will suffer *negative* Damage, i.e. they will *GAIN* Health/Stamina Points instead of losing them! This means that Gorath can go on & on whacking the Enemies, and they just get stronger with each whack! [Solution: If you run into such an Enemy, keep Gorath away from him - Owyn should be able to handle this.]

Version 1.02 - Guarda (NO Blessing). This is obviously the programmers' pathetic attempt at fixing the bug. And it's useless, because you can easily go and get the Guarda Blessed in a Temple anyway!

ADVICE: In Version 1.02 DO NOT get a Blessing for the Guarda.

This is a rough table of all Enemies in the Zone C5 Sector. For more detailed information click on the Combat Number in the map above, or in the table below.

Combat # 01 ( Valheru Ruins North Exit ) Zone C5 Chapter 8 Enemies= 2
SH 001 0205 00 39 30 05 20 40 30 00 00 EAR88 KIN61
SH 002 0505 00 32 37 05 23 55 40 00 00 EAR87 GOB68
Combat # 02 ( Valheru Ruins near Entrance ) Zone C5 Chapter 8 Enemies= 2
SH 003 0205 00 31 33 03 24 63 33 00 00 EAR50 GOB96
SH 004 0504 00 40 25 05 24 43 33 00 00 SKA89 GOB75
Combat # 03 ( Valheru Ruins near Trapped Chest ) Zone C5 Chapter 8 Enemies= 2
SH 005 0205 00 32 26 04 24 62 42 00 00 SKA82 2HB92
SH 006 0506 00 32 23 05 19 52 39 00 00 DPA82 2HB95
Combat # 04 ( Valheru Ruins West (South of Rooms) ) Zone C5 Chapter 8 Enemies= 2
SH 007 0105 00 41 28 03 24 52 45 00 00 SKA81 RAP78
SH 008 0505 00 42 38 04 21 41 40 00 00 EAR52 2HB84
Combat # 05 ( Valheru Ruins West (North of Rooms) ) Zone C5 Chapter 8 Enemies= 2
SH 009 0204 00 30 39 03 22 67 40 00 00 EAR57 BSW56
SH 010 0505 00 35 38 03 21 62 46 00 00 SKA59 BSW66