Betrayal at Krondor - Chapter 1
Into a Dark Night
Locklear and Owyn must escort Gorath to Krondor.

Please note: From a quick glance at the MAP it should be obvious that the most direct path towards Krondor is the one leading South from the starting point (between Yabon and LaMut). It is quite possible to finish the game by choosing this route. However, you should bear in mind that you have access to many other areas in this Chapter. Your characters are poorly equipped at the beginning of the game, and you can use this freedom in order to boost their abilities and collect resources. Furthermore, there are various secondary Quests you can perform in this chapter. So think twice before you barge on towards Krondor !


Consider the following:

Chapter 1
Please note that this Walkthrough is only one possibility out of many. I've tried to make this one much more detailed than all the others, in case you're a beginner. In the first stages there will be a lot of (unnecessary) detail aimed at the first time player. As you go along, though, the treatment will become more and more general.


The recommended procedure is as follows:

    • Accept Brother Jeremy's Quest
    • Learn about BRAK NURR QUEST
    • Kill the Brak Nurr
    • Solve Brother Jeremy's Quest
    • Find Isaac
    • Go to Loriel
    • Find Isaac again, and get the Ruby
    • Get rewarded by Brother Jeremy
    • Return the Ruby and collect reward
    • Solve Witch Wilindi's Quest
    • Explore Dimwood
    • Talk to the Priestess
    • Go to the Franklin's House
    • Go to Eggley, and talk to Devon
    • Go back to the Temple of Silban
    • Go to Tanneurs, and find the Collector
    • Go back to the Temple of Silban
    • Explore the Zun - Questor's View Area
    • Explore the Questor's View - Krondor Area
    • Find Rowe's Barn and kill Nago
    • Explore Krondor
    • Enter Sewers
    • Explore Sewers
    • Find James & get the Royal Key of Krondor
    • Enter Palace (Chapter FINISHED)

The following detailed WALKTHROUGH is divided as follows:

The Game begins in the YABON Sector of ZONE 1.

Search Haseth's body, then go Southwest and empty the Chest. Now go East to the Main Road. An inter-party dialogue will be triggered, so pay attention. Go East towards the Main Road. Now go North.


Investigate Yabon. The Crossroads Shop deals mainly in Weapons and Armor. Here you will be able to sell whatever you pick up. You will not be able to afford any of the higher-priced items at first, but the Whetstone and Armorer's Hammer will tempt you. Remember: You'll get a better price for Weapons and Armor if you repair before you sell.
Go on North. A path towards North off the Main Road will bring you to the SPIDER Chest. Go back to the Main Road, and head East. Soon you will run into your first Enemies, two Moredhel Warriors [Combat 14]. Kill them, and don't forget to search their bodies. No go on East. Where a path branches off the Main Road towards South, you will have to fight a lone Moredhel Warrior [Combat 13]. Now take the Southern Path, and enter the House. Talk to Brother Jeremy, and accept your first Quest: Find a Chest just West of Hawk's Hollow on the southern side of a small hill. Find out what is in the Chest, and Jeremy will give you a copy of Thiful's Bird Migrations, a book that will increase your characters' skills. (You're not supposed to solve the Quest NOW, but keep it in mind.)

Directly North of the single Moredhel Warrior you will find a Mound of Dirt. Then go back to the Main Road and keep on heading East. Check out the Dead Body by the roadside.


You will now stumble into your first TRAP. If you think this one is difficult, just wait! This one is too easy to be true: First make Owyn use the INVITATION Spell
(at Cost = 1) on the Moredhel Spellcaster [Combat 16] - he will barge into the Trap Pole Current and die. Then make Gorath navigate through the Trap. (Remember: Push the HEART Button if you want a character to REST.)

In a valley to the South find the SHADOW Chest, containing the EYES OF ISHAP Scroll for Owyn and a SPYNOTE.

Back on the Main Road, go on East. The House at the end of the path leading North is empty, but a Southern valley contains the CANDLE Chest (don't miss it!) - containing a Blessed Moredhel Lamprey, a SPYNOTE, and TWO Scrolls for Owyn (STARDUSK and FLAMECAST).

Now go East until you reach the bridge. Cross it. North of the bridge you'll find a Graveyard, and a Chest. You can check the Chest, but the Graveyard will have to wait until you've found a Shovel. Go East towards the crossroads. The East road leads to the Temple of Dala and Highcastle. At this stage you are hardly ready for this arduous journey! The South road leads to Loriel and the Temple of Ishap. If you choose to go there, you will have to fight three Moredhel Warriors [Combat 12] before you cross the bridge, and two Moredhel Warriors [Combat 11] after you've crossed it. Your best choice for the time being is to head North, into the town of Tyr-Sog. In THE THREE HILLMEN Shop you won't be able to sell any Weapons or Armor, but if you're holding any Shells, Moredhel Brooches, etc., sell them now. Buy a Shovel and a Practice Lute, and of course a Whetstone and an Armorer's Hammer if you need them. Extra Picklocks might be helpful as well.


If you can afford the Practice Lute give it to Owyn (best Barding Skill). Now USE the Lute until it disappears. This will improve Owyn's Barding Skill, especially if you make sure that ONLY his Barding Skill is SELECTED, before he starts practising!

Before leaving Tyr-Sog, try going North and meet Finn, who will tell you to return. Now head back West. Revisit the Graveyard near the bridge. Now that you have a Shovel, you will find WEEDWALKERS in one of the Graves. Donīt touch the southernmost stone (Baby Irisa) - unless you want to fight a Shade [Combat 19]. Finally retrace your steps West towards Yabon, where you started. You can sell surplus Weapons and Armor in the Yabon Shop. Remember to repair before you sell, and always make sure your characters are carrying the best!

If you're eager for adventure, you can attempt the East road from Tyr-Sog, before returning to Yabon. If you want to do this in Chapter 1, I would suggest you do it later, when your characters have found better equipment and raised their Skills a bit.


The Temple is not far, but you will have to fight a group of SIX Moredhel Warriors [Combat 9], and another group of FIVE Moredhel Warriors [Combat 8] before you reach it. If you then insist on going on to the East even farther, you will run into another group of FIVE Moredhel Warriors [Combat 7]. It is quite useful to reach the Temple of Dala in this Chapter, in order to be able to TELEPORT there later on in the game. Also, in a valley South-East of the Temple, there are three Moredhel Chests containing valuable Items, among them a Keshian Tapir.

If you decide to take this path now (or more advisedly later in this Chapter), and then brazenly go on still farther East, please use the MAP WEB for detailed guidance. You can also consult a SPECIAL PAGE, which contains a concise guide.


South of Yabon, keep to the Main Road, until you spot the DIE Chest on your right. Slightly farther South you will meet Squire Phillip, and be able to converse with him. He will give you some basic tips. (If you've been to the Temple of Dala, and accepted the Grain Quest, you can also ask him about GRAIN. He will tell you where to find the Bag of Grain. Make a note of it, since you will have to wait until Chapter 2 or 3 in order to solve this Quest.) Don't miss an ordinary Chest, and a Mound of Dirt in the near neighborhood. Soon you will reach a Western path leading to LaMut. Before you go all the way into LaMut, look South, and find the LaMut Graveyard. Check out all the graves - a SPYNOTE is buried in one of them.

Enter LaMut. Don't miss the small treasure on the bridge. Go to the Garrison, then to the Blue Wheel Inn. Meet Sumani. He can teach you a trick or two, if you can afford it (it's worth it). Here you will initatiate a new Quest: Recover a Ruby stolen from Makala's entourage. Search out Kiefer Alescook in Loriel - he might hold the Ruby.

While in the tavern, also speak to DUBAL AN LOCH, a Dwarf who will hint at one more Quest - kill the BRAK NURR in the Mac Mordain Cadal.



Now go on South. Fight a Moredhel Warrior [Combat 01]. A Western Path will soon lead towards the Mac Mordain Cadal. Don't miss a Locked Chest near the fork. Enter the Mines. Talk to Naddur Ban Dok. Here your aim is to kill the Brak Nurr.


If you know the path, you can actually reach the Brak Nurr without encountering any other enemies! The Brak Nurr [Combat 05] is quite easy to kill - he can't move and is easily immobilized with Owyn's DESPAIR THY EYES. Naddur will reward you handsomely, after you've killed the beast. You can not go on to the Lower Level of the Mac Mordain Cadal in this Chapter.

Explore the Upper Mac thoroughly. There are various Chests to be found. All the Enemies are Rogues. There is one Combat with TWO Rogues [Combat 02], one with THREE Rogues [Combat 01], one with 4 Rogues [Combat 04], and one with 3 Rogues and a Rogue Mage (kill him first!) [Combat 03].

You can pick up a lot of useful things here. One of the Rogues has Elven Armor, and many have Crossbows and Quarrels. Clerical Oilcloth can be picked up from one dead Enemy, and a Guilder's Passkey as well. Dragonstone is particularly valuable. The DRUM Chest has Weedwalkers. The SIEVE Chest contains Lorgan's Journal. The BARROW Chest holds a Ring of Prandur, as well as some Rope and Dalatail Milk.


After you exit the Mac Mordain Cadal, return to LaMut in order to sell all the spoils. Then go back South, towards Zun. There's a Mound of Dirt to be found, and TWO Moredhel Warriors [Combat 02] to be fought along the road. In ZUN you can buy Rations at The Green Cat, and Restoratives in Kege's Herbs. Also, there's an easily overlooked valley South-East of Zun, where you can fight TWO Moredhel Warriors [Combat 03], and find a Chest and a Mound of Dirt.


South of Zun you go directly South towards Krondor after you've dealt with a silly Trap. However, you're better off taking the Eastern Road towards Hawk's Hollow, in order to complete two Quests. Recover Makala's Ruby, and find Brother Jeremy's Chest (see above).

Soon after taking the Eastern Road towards Hawk's Hollow you will run into THREE Moredhel Warriors [Combat 04]. Visit the Temple of Killian. Look out for the FOG Chest nearby. At JOSEPH THE ANIMAL'S (sic), an Armorer's Shop, you can cheaply get all your Armor into tip-top shape. There's not much of interest in this area, so head for Hawk's Hollow.


Soon you will have to deal with two more Moredhel Warriors [Combat 05]. Now keep your eyes peeled, and go South off the Road. Three Rogues [Combat 18] await you there, one of them carrying a Spynote. They are guarding the Chest you're looking for, but BEWARE - the chest is TRAPPED, and will explode unless you've cast SCENT OF SCARIG and your Lockpicking Skill is more than 55! The Damage is only 25, so you'll probably survive. Don't hesitate to appropriate whatever is in the Chest - Brother Jeremy won't mind. A good night's sleep should be enough to restore your Health/Stamina points.

Check out Hawk's Hollow. Lucan can teach you a Trick. The KEY Chest is situated not far to the North-East - it contains a Spynote. Next locate Isaac to the North. (Isaac is important to many sub-plots, so pay attention to whatever he says). You will find a Chest and a Dirt nearby. Farther East there are two more Combats (and Caches): THREE Moredhel Warriors on the road [Combat 06], with the Charnel House nearby, and an Ambush House with THREE Moredhel Warriors [Combat 07], with a Locked Chest nearby.

This area can be exited to the East in two places. Both will lead to either the DIMWOOD or the TEMPLE OF SILBAN. You may certainly want to go to both places in this Chapter, but let's not do this now.

Exit the HAWK'S HOLLOW area via the Northern Exit, towards Loriel. You will almost certainly run into a lone Moredhel Warrior [Combat 17] first.


Go on North towards Loriel. You're bound to run into some Moredhel Warriors on the way [Combats 08, 09, 10], and one Trap including a Moredhel Spellcaster, which you'll easily deal with, if you just make sure he can't cast any Spells [Combat 15]. Stay away from Orno's House, unless you want to catch the Plague (21%). It's nothing to worry about - if you have Herbal Packs, a night's sleep is all you need to get cured. If you don't, visit Michele the Healer in Loriel - she will cure you for 25 Gold Sovereigns, which is much less than any Temple would charge.


Don't miss the STRANGER Chest South of Loriel. Once in Loriel, locate Keifer Alescook, and find out that Isaac (the rogue!) actually holds the GEM you're looking for!

In the valley North of Loriel you will find the TEMPLE OF ISHAP.

Now go back South and relocate Isaac. He will admit to holding Makala's Ruby, but refuse to part with it, unless you can repair his Sword. You can do this if your Weaponcraft Skill is more than 45%. Once Isaac's Sword is repaired, he will hand over a Ruby of extremely poor quality.

Go back North towards the bridge North of Loriel. Go North and West in order to finish Brother Jeremy's Quest. If you haven't already killed them, you will meet TWO Moredhel Warriors [Combat 11] South of the bridge, and THREE Moredhel Warriors [Combat 12] North of the bridge.

TIP: You don't need to cross the bridge: You can go North-West by the river's Southern edge.

If you re-visit Brother Jeremy's House, he will give you THIFUL'S BIRD MIGRATIONS. Then speed on towards the LaMut Garrison, hand over Makala's Ruby, and earn a reward of 100 Gold Sovereigns.


At this point you will have thoroughly explored ZONE 1. There are four exits from this Zone. As mentioned above, the road East of Tyr-Sog will lead you into ZONE 5, towards the Temple of Dala, and ultimately to Highcastle and Northwarden. The exit South of Zun leads into ZONE 2, towards Questor's View, the Temple of Sung, and Krondor. East of Hawk's Hollow there are two exits. The Southern one leads to the Temple of Silban, the towns of Eggley and Tanneurs, and ultimately to Krondor. The Northern one leads to ZONE 7, which is the Dimwood.


You can enter Dimwood now, if you dare. A nasty Trap awaits you at the Western entrance. Although Dimwood is an area which you will explore thoroughly in Chapter 7, it is open to you in Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 6. If you enter in any of the early Chapters, you can perform Witch Wilindi's Quest.

WITCH WILINDI'S QUEST can be solved in Chapter 1. After the Trap, go East, and look out for Ockie's House to the North. Speak to Ockie, who will tell you about the Witch. You will now have to fight TWO Scorpions [Combat 16]. Next locate Wilindi's house to the South-East. You will have to fight SIX Scorpions [Combat 17], before you can approach the house, so make sure you save before the fight!

If you now try to enter the house, Wilindi will speak. Drink from the Well nearby. One of your characters will get Poisoned (18%), but you can easily cure him with Restoratives [4] or the application of Herbal Pack and Sleep.
You need Silverthorn Anti-Venom in order to depoison the Well. If you don't have it, you can find some in the GRAVE Chest in the South-Westernmost corner of Dimwood. Purify the well, and speak to the Witch. She will reward you with Lewton's Concentrate [28], which will make Owyn happy.

You can explore all of Dimwood in Chapter 1, if you want. Some of the Combats might be too much to handle at this stage of the game, but a lot of them can be avoided. Dimwood contains extremely valuable treasures for you to find, particularly a lot of SCROLLS for Owyn, some of them quite scarce. If you intend to spend some time here in this Chapter, it might be a good idea to use the MAP WEB, in order to plan ahead, and figure out which Combats can be avoided.
You can also consult a SPECIAL PAGE, which contains a quick guide to the Combats in this Zone.

In Chapter 1 Owyn can find the following SCROLLS in Dimwood:

NIGHTFINGERS (SW Sector, Trapped Chest) [Skill > 90 / Damage: 65]
WINDS OF EORTIS (E Sector, Ordinary Chest)
UNFORTUNATE FLUX (SE Sector, Trapped Chest) [Skill > 62 / Damage: 200]
THE UNSEEN (NE Sector, PATH Chest)
RIVER SONG (N Sector, Dirt near Waterfall)
STRENGTH DRAIN (N Sector, Dirt near Waterfall) [Version 1.01 ONLY]

If you exit ZONE 1 via the Southern exit East of Hawk's Hollow, you will reach the Temple of Silban, and the towns of Eggley and Tanneurs.



Head towards the Temple of Silban. If you exited the Hawk's Hollow area via the Northern Exit (see above), or if you have been to Dimwood in the meantime, the Temple will be on the Main Road to the South. If you exited the Hawk's Hollow area via the Southern Exit, you will have to fight TWO Moredhel Warriors [Combat 04] and go South-East in order to reach the Temple. A Spynote will be found in the STAIRS Chest nearby.

Before you enter the Temple of Silban you will have to fight THREE Quegian Pirates [Combat 20]. Once inside, talk to the Priestess, who will ask you to take a message to the Franklin. Now go South towards the Crossroads.

A CAVE found in this area can NEVER be entered!


At the Crossroads you will run into THREE Quegian Pirates [Combat 05]. If you go WEST now, you will end up near Questor's View (see ZUN - KRONDOR). This is not where you want to go for the time being, but look out, though, for a Trapped Chest SW of the Crossroads, containing a Spynote and a Tsurani Light Crossbow.

If you go East at the above mentioned crossroads, you will soon find the Franklin's House. Give him the message he's been waiting for. Now head South and fight three Moredhel Warriors and a Spellcaster [Combat 06]. Beware of the Spellcaster - if allowed to cast, he will probably freeze Gorath.


Soon you'll reach Eggley. Most of the houses are empty, and one house (which looks like a shop) can't be opened until Chapter 6. Check out the Graveyard. Leave the grave of Melba Kane alone, unless you want to fight a Shade [Comabt 47]. Talk to Devon in the Tavern, and learn about the Collector. (If you've talked to Isaac about Devon, you can play Pokiir with him. If you decline, a new topic, SELF-DEFENSE, will appear. Devon can raise your Defense Skill - for a fee.)

Now go back to the Temple of Silban, and talk to the Priestess. She will ask you to find the Collector. Return to Eggley, and head South towards Tanneurs. West of the main road, just South of Eggley, you can find a suit of Elven Armor [11%] if your Scouting Skill is 41% or more. On the way you can stop at Kellyn's House and learn some history. The Eastern branch off the Main Road leads towards Sethanon and the Southern entrance to Dimwood.


Just before you reach Tanneurs, you will stumble into a Trap. It looks difficult, but isn't. Make Locklear do all the work: First shove the Transparent Crystal in front of the left Blaster, then shove the Solid Crystal in front of the right Blaster. Now Locklear can exit.

In Tanneurs a Locked House will yield a HORN OF ALGON KOKOON. Check out Hamil's Pawn Shop as well: the Practice Lute will enable you to raise Owyn's Barding Skills considerably. (Before Owyn practices, make sure that ONLY his Barding Skill is selected.)

In Tom's Tavern "Snake Eyes" Spitzer, a gambler, will refuse to gamble with you, as he owes some money to a man in the back room. This man is actually the Collector! Click the INN hotspot, and you will meet him. He will automatically go to Silban's Temple. If YOU go back there, the Priestess will reward you handsomely: each character will receive Restoratives [24] and Herbal Packs [8].

Before you leave Tom's Tavern, talk to Spitzer again. Now that the Collector has left, Spitzer will finally want to gamble. If you lose, he will want to go on gambling. If you win he will stop, but if you talk to him again, he will be ready once more.

NOTE: If you haven't accepted the Silban Quest, Spitzer will gamble freely.

James David Allan (in Manitoba) has pointed out the following procedure, which basically allows you to earn as much money as you wish! I wonder if this is a bug, or a deviously concealed loophole. If you haven't already Barded in Tom's Tavern, do so now! You will earn 130s, if your Skill is 100% (which it should be by now).
  • Now talk with Spitzer, and gamble (the maximum 50).
    • If you win, he will stop. Talk to him again, and gamble. Do this until you lose.
    • If you lose, stop gambling. Now you can Bard again, earning 250s!
You can repeat the above procedure endlessly, earning amazing amounts of money. It's not exactly fun, but worth it. (I tried as far as 8000s, before getting bored.) Note that you can return here (by walking and teleporting) in Chapters 2, 3 and 6, in order to earn even more money! You will then run into new enemies, but THAT shouldn't keep you away from the dough!

The area South of Tanneurs isn't very interesting, but by all means explore it (before you return to Silban Temple to collect your reward). Various Spynotes you've found suggest heavy Moredhel attacks south of Tanneurs, but this is not true! There are only two Combats here in Chapter 1 - one with two Quegian Pirates and one Rogue [Combat 07], the other with three Quegian Pirates [Combat 08]. There are also two Moredhel Chests in the area.


If you go on traveling the road South of Tanneurs, you will reach Krondor soon. But there's still a substantial area of ZONE 2, which you still haven't explored, the road between Zun and Krondor. There are various treasures to be pick up here, two Temples to be visited, and an important sub-quest to be performed. You must find and kill NAGO, a powerful Moredhel Spellcaster. You should already have picked up some clues to this quest, e.g. from Isaac and Devon. Since you need to pick up a reward at the Temple of Silban (if you've found the Collector), go back North. Stop at the Eggley Tavern on the way. All the inhabitants are back, making merry - and this is now a "real" tavern, where you can eat, sleep and bard. From the Temple of Silban, retrace your path to Hawks Hollow, towards Zun.

Road from ZUN to KRONDOR


The area South of Zun, North of Questor's View, is pretty dull (at least in Chapter 1). You can fight two Moredhel Warriors [Combat 01], and locate one Moredhel Chest.


The Questor's View area is slightly more interesting. You will run into three Moredhel Warriors [Combat 02], and directly North of the Combat site, you can find three Moredhel Chests (and a Trap which is not really a Trap). A Shop, Rygate & Supply, will be found nearby. In the town of Questor's View, visit Tad Questor. He can teach you a trick or two, if you have 75 Gold Sovereigns to spare. In the Questor's View Graveyard, Timothy Weyant's grave contains a Shade. At the main road fork East of Questor's you will need to fight two Moredhel Warriors and a Quegian Pirate [Combat 03]. The North Road leads towards the Temple of Silban and Eggley (where you may have been already). A path off this road will bring you to Morgan Hurley's Shop. Go South, towards Sarth.


On the Main Road South of Questor's View you will meet Rowe. He's obviously a traitor, so pay attention to his lies. If you give him 10 Gold Sovereigns, and he will make clear the location of his BARN (where NAGO and Friends are waiting for you). Don't bother, you can't miss it.

Next stop is SARTH. Don't hurry too much, or you'll miss the GLOVES Chest (containing the very valuable SKIN OF THE DRAGON Scroll). Look out for a group of two Moredhel Warriors and a Moredhel Spellcaster [Combat 09].

Before you enter Sarth, talk to Brother Marc, who is tending a cornfield near the entrance - he will impart lots of information and (for a small fee) improve Owyn's Casting Skill. He can also sell you FLAMECAST cheaply. You probably already own it, but you can sell it at a profit in the Sarth Shop.

Now enter Sarth. The Temple is accessible, but you can not Teleport from (or to) here. You can enter the Library, and access a lot of useful information by reading all the books you can find. (In Chapter 6 you'll be able to read a new one.) The STARDOCK ANNEX Shop has a number of Spells for sale. At this stage you will almost certainly have Flamecast, Eyes of Ishap, and Skin of the Dragon. If you can afford it, buy SKYFIRE.


You can also ENTER the Mines below Sarth by clicking the ENTER hotspot left of the Citadel. You may not be able to access all parts of it at this stage, but you will meet new Enemies! You can fight two Spiders [Combat 01 and Combat 03], and three Scorpions [Combat 03]. The two Moredhel Chests found here contain interesting Items.

Exiting Sarth, you will find three Moredhel Chests East of Brother Marc's cornfield. One of them contains an Amulet of the Upright Man. You'll have to solve a Trap before approaching these Chests. It's dead easy - make James push the transparent crystal in front of the blaster. Go on South, towards the Temple of Sung.


You will soon come to the Temple of Sung, only to find that the priests are helpless because of the Dream Sender (NAGO) close by. Nago is hiding in Rowe's Barn, with his pals. Go South. Before you reach the Barn, you will run into two Quegian Pirates [Combat 11]. When you've found the Barn, make sure all the Characters are in tip-top shape, and SAVE!. Then enter the Barn.

Fighting Nago, and his three Moredhel brothers [Combat 10] can be tough, especially in Chapter 1, if you haven't been building your Characters' skills and resources.

Remember that Nago can't cast spells, if somebody is standing next to him. Concentrate on killing Nago as soon as possible.

TIP: If you manage to kill Nago, and his companions are still alive, you can RETREAT from the Combat. You will be able to search Nago's body, but his companions will have retreated to the Barn, and won't bother you unless you enter again.

As soon as Nago is dead, go to the Temple of Sung. Owyn will be rewarded with HOCHO'S HAVEN.

You are now approaching Krondor. But first you'll have to fight three Quegian Pirates [Combat 12], two Quegian Pirates [Combat 13], and finally a group of two Moredhel Warriors and three Quegian Pirates [Combat 14]. Then enter Krondor. At last.



Once in Krondor, you will find that you cannot enter the Palace. (The Temple is inaccessible as well.) You will receive hints that you'll have to enter the Palace via the Sewers, and that James (Jimmy the Hand) is down there. But before you descend, make sure you check out the Tavern, and the two Shops.

Meet Limm in



There is only one possible way up to the Palace, and in order to get the Royal Key of Krondor you will have to find James. Of course you can explore the Krondor Sewers in detail.

In this Chapter there are not many Enemies in the Sewers. They are all Rogues, except for the three False Nighthawks [Combat 01] you'll have to fight in order to reach James.

Three Rogues [Combat 03]
Two Rogues [Combat 04]
Three Rogues [Combat 05]
Two Rogues [Combat 08]

The are no Moredhel Chests here. The ordinary Chests don't contain much of interest. There are two Trapped Chests. One (Skill > 72) contains SKIN OF THE DRAGON (which you surely have by now). A Locked Chest (Skill > 76) in the North-East section contains SKYFIRE, and some Truesight Tea. At this stage it is not likely that your Lockpicking Skills will suffice to open these Chests. An Amulet of the Upright Man might do the trick, though!

Once in the Palace, you will meet with Arutha, Prince of Krondor, and Master Magician Pug.
A Moredhel assassin will try to kill Gorath, but his attempt will be foiled by Pug.

and will return in Chapter 2, but you will not meet again until Chapter 5.