Betrayal at Krondor - Chapter 8
Of Lands Afar
Rescue Pug and Gamina.

Malala has imprisoned Gamina, Pug's daughter, in Timirianya. In order to rescue Gamina, Pug has entered this alien world, only to be imprisoned there himself, bereft of all his Spells. Gorath and Owyn must save Pug, and then help him find his daughter.

Chapter 8

The journey begins in the NW Sector.
Look out for Rations and Raw Manna.
Stay away from the SW Sector, until you've freed Pug.


Owyn won't be able to cast Spells, until he has found a Crystal Staff. He will also need constant supplies of Raw Manna, in order to feed the Staff. Manna is scarce to begin with, but once you reach the Crystal Grove in the South-East Sector there will be plenty. Manna can be found in various places: Dwellings, Mounds of Dirt, and Yellow Crystal Trees. Make sure you search ALL dead Enemies. Some of them have Rations, which are quite precious here.

Pug is imprisoned in a Panth Tiandn Dwelling in the NE Sector, and Gamina is trapped in a cage in the Riftworld Mine. Pug has left THREE MESSAGES (click on Notes above) in the Northern Sectors, giving you most of the information you need.


NETHERMANDERS won't die easily. If you allow them to step right next to you, they will BITE! They are IMMUNE to all Spells, except FETTERS OF RIME (No Damage, Freeze normal), GAMBIT OF THE EIGHT, and FIRESTORM.

PANTH TIANDNS are easier to kill. They will suffer 50% Extra Damage from FETTERS OF RIME, EVIL SEEK, GAMBIT OF THE EIGHT, MIND MELT, and FIRESTORM. However, they are quite IMMUNE to WRATH OF KILLIAN, FLAMECAST, GRIEF OF 1000 NIGHTS, and SKYFIRE.

PANTATHIANS, although formidable Spellcasters, are seemingly unable to cast Spells in Timirianya! Since they never carry any Weapons, they will run around aimlessly, or try to escape. They will suffer normal Damage from all Spells (except SKYFIRE, of course).

A lot of Combats can be avoided, if you study the MAPS carefully.


At the beginning of the Chapter Gorath and Owyn will find themselves in the NW Sector, facing North. If they look South they will spot an edible Nethermander corpse. To the East they can collect Manna [45] from a Tree and a Mound of Dirt. Be careful! If you go too close to the Road East of Start, you may bump into two Panth Tiandns and a Nethermander [Combat 15]. Follow the Road towards West, until you reach a fork in the Road. Enter the Dwelling, and find Pug's First Note and some Manna. If you now go South, you will be able to pick up Manna [35] from some Mounds of Dirt by the roadside, but first you'll have to fight two Nethermanders [Combat 14]. Don't go South - the SW Sector is quite impassable at this stage. Go North, past the fork, and fight two Panth Tiandns and two Nethermanders [Combat 07]. One of the Panth Tiandns is carrying Rations [11]. Go on North, and follow a Path to the East. Enter the Dwelling at the end of this Path, and find a Crystal Staff [11] and some Manna [15]. Don't miss the two Crystal Trees - you can harvest Manna [60] here. Now charge Owyn's new-found Crystal Staff with Manna, and make sure it is 100% charged. [Note: You will have to recharge the Staff regularly, after Owyn has cast a Spell.]

You are heading towards the North Sector. Consult the MAP, and note the possibilities. If you go on along the Northern Road you will run into THREE Combats, none of which will yield much: three Nethermanders [Combat 08], three Panth Tiandns and one Nethermander [Combat 01], and four Panth Tiandns [Combat 02]. You might be better off heading East, where two Dwellings will yield a MAP and some Manna [10]. Try to stay away from three Panth Tiandns and two Nethermanders [Combat 09] in this area, but if you bump into them, make sure you don't miss a Manna Tree [30] west of the Combat site.


Consult the MAP. Obviously you can easily avoid four Panth Tiandns [Combat 10], and three Panth Tiandn's [Combat 11] in this area, but note that you can pick up Manna [85] from a Tree and two Mounds of Dirt here. Now head towards the North Peninsula, and follow the Path.

Off the Path, towards East, you will find two Manna Trees [25 + 20], and three Dwellings. The Northernmost Dwelling contains Pug's Second Note and some Manna [5]. The Easternmost Dwelling contains an Ambush of two Panth Tiandns [Combat 36], and Rations [8]. Before you reach the end of the North Peninsula, you'll have to deal with five Panth Tiandns [Combat 04]. When you reach the end of this Path, you will see the SEVEN PILLARS OF KARZEEN MAK.

Go South, until you hit the Main Road. Then turn East. Three Panth Tiandns are waiting here [Combat 03]. Enter the NE Sector.


Stick to the Road. As soon it bends to the North-East, try going South in order to find three Manna Trees [30+15+20]. Back on the Road, meet two Panth Tiandns and a Nethermander [Combat 05], and two Panth Tiandns [Combat 06]. South of the Road you can locate Manna [40] from a Tree, and another Manna [40] from a Mound of Dirt. The Road will soon bend South. A Dwelling on the Right (West) side of the Road is protected by a Magical Barrier. This is Pug's Prison. If you explore the area to the West, you may find three Manna Trees containing Manna [20 + 30 + 40]. You may also bump into five Panth Tiandns [Combat 12], but try not to - they're guarding a Dwelling containing a Crystal Staff (which you've surely found already).

On the Road South of Pug's Prison three Panth Tiandns are waiting [Combat 13]. If you stick to the Road, a Mound of Dirt will soon yield Manna [40]. If you now stick to the Road to the South, you won't encounter any Combats or Caches before you enter the SE Sector, so explore the area to the West:

Two Houses in the area contain Ambushes [Combats 26 & 33]. Midway between them, a "safe" House contains Pug's Third Note and Manna [30]. A secondary Road (West) offers an encounter with four Panth Tiandns [Combat 16]. South of this Combat site you will find three Manna Trees [20 + 20 + 25].


Enter the SE Sector ("Crystal Grove"). Take a good look at the Map. Note that there is plenty of Manna all over the place, more than you'll ever need. Before you cross the river, avail yourself of all the Manna Caches North and East of the river - the area is practically enemy-free. The single Dwelling here contains an Ambush, two Panth Tiandns [Combat 25]. They carry no Items, but the Dwelling contains Manna and Rations.

You can cross the river via the East Bridge or the Central Bridge. There are three Pantathians [Combat 18] south of the East Bridge, and two Pantathians [Combat 17] at the fork South of the Central Bridge, but all Pantathians in this Chapter are wimps, unable to cast Spells. One of two Dwellings South of the Central Bridge contains Manna. The Dwelling South of the West Bridge has an Ambush of three Panth Tiandns [Combat 29]. One of them is carrying Rations [13]. The Dwelling itself contains Manna. North of the West Bridge you can pick up a lot of Manna, and locate the entrance to the Riftworld Mine.

It is not recommended that you enter the Mine at this stage, but if you do, please DO NOT enter the Central Chamber, where the final Combat of this Chapter awaits you. Without STRENGTH DRAIN you can't finish this Combat. It has also been reported to the Webmaster that this Combat can get bugged, if you engage in it at this stage of the game.

Your aim in this area is to locate the Cup of Rlnn Skrr. If you study the Map, you'll note that you can avoid the majority of Combats here by sneaking along the river bank until you reach the Dwelling containing the Cup. But then you'll avoid most of the Manna Caches as well!

Following the Road south of the West and Central Bridges, you will soon reach a crossroads, where three Pantathians [Combat 19] are waiting. If you enter the closest Dwelling, a lone Panth Tiandn will attack [Combat 27]. He is carrying Rations [7], and the Dwelling itself contains Rations [3].


The NW Road leads to the West and Central Bridges (see above).

The NE Road leads to the East Bridge. A Dwelling on this Road contains an Ambush of three Panth Tiandns [Combat 28], not worth fighting unless Owyn still doesn't have a Crystal Staff (not likely!).

The SW Road leads towards the South-West Sector. Near a fork where a South-Western Path brances off the Main Road, you'll meet three Pantathians [Combat 21]. If you follow the Path, you'll run into four more Pantathians [Combat 22]. At the end of the Path, if you enter the Dwelling, two Panth Tiandns [Combat 30] will attack, one of them carrying Rations [6]. Don't try to enter the South-West Sector - it is suicidal.

The SE Road leads towards the Dwelling containing the Cup. You will soon reach the "Circle Road" and fight two Pantathians [Combat 20]. In a Dwelling North of the Combat site, a lone Panth Tiandn [Combat 32] is hiding. The Dwelling contains Rations [6] and Herbal Pack [8]. If you want to pick up more Rations, an Ambush Dwelling in the North will yield three Panth Tiandns [Combat 31], and Rations [12]. The Cup of Rlnn Skrr is stored in a Dwelling near the South-East corner of this Sector. You'll have to fight three Pantathians and two Nethermanders [Combat 23] near a fork in the Road, and four Pantathians and one Nethermander [Combat 24] when you try to enter the Dwelling. Besides the Cup, the Dwelling contains Rations and Manna. You can also pick up more Rations from another Dwelling nearby.

Once you have the Cup, retrace your path all the way to Dhatsavan's Pillar in the North. Dhatsavan will lift the barrier surrounding Pug's Prison, and the barrier surrounding the South-West Sector. After you've talked to Dhatsavan, click his Pillar again, and you will be teleported to Pug's Prison. Use the Cup to transfer Owyn's Spells to Pug. Go back North and talk to Dhatsavan for the last time - he will tell you where Gamina is being held. Return to the Crystal Grove via the South-West Sector, which can now be travelled freely.


This area is not very exciting. You can pick up some Rations and Manna (from Nethermander Corpses, Dwellings, and Crystal Trees). You can also tackle a lone Panth Tiandn [Combat 34] in an Ambush Dwelling, and two Panth Tiandns [Combat 35] on the Road. Yout main purpose here is to locate two Mounds of Dirt south of the Road in the South-West corner of the Sector. The contents vary between versions:

In version 1.02 (more common) the Northern Mound contains Valheru Armor (Bless #1) [100], Crystal Staff [100], STRENGTH DRAIN, Restoratives [96], Herbal Pack [60], and Rations [28].

In version 1.02 the Southern Mound contains Valheru Armor (Bless #1) [100], STRENGTH DRAIN, and Manna [500].

In the original 1.01 (diskette) version the Northern Mound contains TWO suits of Valheru Armor (Bless #3) [100]. The single suit in the Southern Mound is also (Bless #3).

Armed with your STRENGTH DRAIN you are now ready to enter the Riftworld Mine.


The Mine is almost empty. On entering you'll have a choice of going Left/West or Right/East. Either way four Pantathians block your path [Combat 04 LEFT - Combat 03 RIGHT]. Go Left - the Eastern part of the Mine is totally empty. A small room in the South-West corner has a silly little Bush containing Rations [3], but you'll have to kill two Pantathians and two Nethermanders first [Combat 05]. A Western corridor is guarded by five Panth Tiandns [Combat 01], easily avoided unless you're dying for the Rations [18] you can pick up from their corpses.

Enter the Central Chamber, where Gamina is imprisoned.
In order to save Gamina you must fight three Pantathian wimps,
and two Wind Elementals [Combat 02].

Wind Elementals can ONLY be killed with STRENGTH DRAIN.

Wind Elementals REGAIN their Strength at the beginning of each new Combat Round! The maximum amount of Drain possible is 20, meaning that if a Wind Elemental's Strength is greater than 20, both Owyn and Pug must cast STRENGTH DRAIN at him during the same Round. In this Combat the Left Elemental has Strength=17, and is easily killed. The Right Elemental, however, has Strength=29. He'll refuse to die unless Owyn and Pug drain him during one Round. (The Webmaster is indebted to Fredrik Eriksson [BaKHacker] for figuring this out.)

IMPORTANT: If you use INFINITY POOL before Casting, you can Drain 30 points of Strength, and easily kill the Right Elemental!


Alex Moffatt was first to point out that in this version Chapter 8 can be finished without finding the Cup and rescuing Pug. All you need is the STRENGTH DRAIN Spell, which Owyn can easily find in Dimwood, as early as Chapter 1! This is not recommended. PUG will be with you in Chapter 9, but he will have NO SPELLS, and none of the Characters will have Valheru Armor. The Webmaster used to think that Chapter 9 couldn't possibly be finished with only one Spellcaster, but various correspondents have since convinced him that it can actually be done.

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will return in Chapter 9.