Graveyards listed below are named by the nearest Town or Temple, except Dimwood Graves
(see MAP WEB for exact location).

All Graves in the Northlands (Chapter 4) are empty.


A Shovel is needed to dig up a Grave.
No time will pass if an Item is found, or a Shade disturbed.
If you dig all the way down to a Coffin or Corpse, an HOUR of Game Time will pass.

WEEDWALKERS [1] Pul Dudding No one knew when he came or when he went.
POISONED RATIONS [7] Aglus Soggin Another helping put him six feet under.
SHADE Baby Irisa A week she cried before she slept.
Corpse Iruna In the wilds was the Hadati woman.
Corpse Ceilia deBuellen Water took her to the deeps.
Corpse David Bouli Buried without a word.
SPYNOTE #04 Jad Peebles He engaged in his last undertaking.
FLAMING QUARRELS [10] Klamontala Pechta Touched by flames for honor's sake.
GOLD SOVEREIGNS [13] Goldie Crowe In death her face was that of a sovereign.
RESTORATIVES [4] Rosel LaMutian Her face was sweet and her hands could heal.
Corpse Michel Ambazac As you are, I once was. As I am, you will be.
Corpse Pargus Attacarper His fish didn't get away.
Corpse Stranger His chest was opened by a moredhel.
Corpse A. R. Cramond He told a lie and paid the price.
Corpse Hyden Miller A bone did him in.
Corpse Mirriam Haselcalph To the Drawer of Nets she took her key.
Corpse Victor Marmallion A cad. A cur. We loved him still.
SHOVEL [25] Parker Biddle Dug his own grave.
PICKLOCKS [3] Dersham Pruitt His end justified the means.
BROADSWORDS [65] [100] Stell Larim She died in her lover's arms.
SHADE Melba Kane Outlived her kids.
Corpse Barlow Flinn May the Death Goddess treat him well.
Corpse Unknown A lovely lass. Found beside the road.
Corpse Algon Trent Wanted to be a prince.
Corpse Bursha Amberton Lost his wife, then took his life.
Corpse Olive Amberton Rest easy my darling.
Corpse WARNING! The fiend beneath this stone is trapped by dirt, not by death. Stay away!
HEAVY BOWSTRING [1] Todor Milbo The townsfolk strung him up.
DALATAIL MILK [3] Baylor Dalatail Drank his milk every day.
SHADE Timothy Weyant Suffers no longer.
Corpse Thomas Brooke Fought with his neighbors. Lost.
Corpse Alana Roberts Sleep, sweet. Sweet sleep.
Corpse Hatfield Tucker Drank his own poison.
Corpse Larston Dewey I TOLD you I was sick!
Corpse Anthony Rankin Fell off his high horse.
Corpse Ryan Wingard Lost at dice. Lost his temper. Lost his life.
Corpse WARNING! The fiend beneath this stone is trapped by dirt, not by death. Stay away!
NAPHTHA [2] Kevyn Pathan Got too close to his work.
QUEST! Jared Lycrow Owned a shop and a tavern. Never wanted for more.
Corpse Dulcima Daggens Mother's womb to earthen tomb.
Corpse Vaness Marlin Couldn't rest in life...
Corpse Leighton Dink No longer can he hate his name.
SHADE Ulandra Maggard Lost her mind before her life.
Corpse Jalice Riggens Mother. Wife. Lover.
Corpse Lewece Champetier Loved her Kings.
Corpse Warren Gunther Greatfully Dead.
Corpse J. R. Halbhuber Death by association.
GOLD SOVEREIGNS [5] Randall Deigh His death has enriched our lives.
ROPE [45] Daniel Velecamp Pore pore Danny. Had a bad spell.
Corpse Wayland M. Wasserman Hated everything.
Corpse Keisha The traveler's friend.
Corpse Mason Moorcamp Had a nasty Alement.
VIRTUE KEY [1] Jason Verchew He sung off key.
FLAMING QUARRELS [13] Corey Perlance Lost his life fighting a fire.
SHADE Damon Boyersmith He didn't want to go.
SHADE Lincoln Albervant He lies here too.
Corpse Leighton Dink No longer can he hate his name.
Corpse Nat Delars May the Goddess of Death be gentle.
Corpse Marty Hippler Beloved by all.
Corpse Jenny Gray Oh, to feel her sweet kiss.
Corpse Sher Perlance She loved to dance.
Corpse Kyle Bruning Always our loving son.
RUBY [63] Rue Beal Died in her favorite red dress.
SHADE Luke Midkiff Soon the Gods will know his name.
Corpse Constance Frohmeyer Had twelve kids. The thirteenth killed her.
Corpse Manek Ekeland His company was killed in the Northlands.
Corpse Virginia Ekeland Her husband never came home.
Corpse Bradford Ekeland He made his parents proud.
Corpse Lloyd Brenneman His head was in the clouds.
GOLD SOVEREIGNS [25] Christopher Madine He was like a brother to us.
Corpse James Delittle Swallowed his pride and it killed him.
LEWTON'S CONCENTRATE [2] Barlew Tunns He forgot to concentrate.
REDWEED BREW [3] Red du Wied A stronger man there never was.
SHADE Paulson Berthold Came to the Dimwood looking for peace.
Corpse Julie DeChamp Her smile could warm the coldest day.
FADAMOR'S FORMULA [3] Orson du Bas Fadamor Killed the giant that dealt his fatal blow.
Corpse Mitchell Janns Disappeared into the woods. Never came back.
Corpse Miller Dubbs At last he has joined his beloved wife.
Corpse Rose Dubbs No wife shall be so missed.
RUBY [78] Ashlyn Mecchus All who knew her loved her.
SHADE Unknown May his soul find the peace he could not.
Corpse Dell Briddle She followed her love wherever he went.
WEEDWALKERS [1] Forrest Walker Deadicated.
DRAGONSTONE [6] Marlen Shephard Threw a stone at a dragon.
Corpse Raoul du Lezanne Skins were his trade.
Corpse Jarrett Jester Stood beneath the wrong tree.
Corpse Latham McCann Loved the mines. Never wanted to leave.


Leighton Dink is buried twice, both in Questor's View and Prank's Stone!

A few "non-existent" graves can be found in the game code:

Neblon Hunt. "Our loving father."
A Mother. "Down to night she went, a day before her daughter."
Ben Snared. "Many were captured by his wit."
Jake Careoaq. "His drinking days are done."
Timothy Boyer. "First in everything."
Penny May. "Or maybe she won't."

An Item buried in a Grave is usually suggested by the Headstone with a pun, anagram, or other type of word-play. Some are obvious, others less so.

Quite a few actually conceal the Item's name, often phonetically:

Gold Sovereigns - Goldie Crowe. "In death her face was that of a sovereign."
Dalatail Milk - Baylor Dalatail. "Drank his milk every day."
Virtue Key - Jason Verchew. "He sung off key."
Ruby - Rue Beal. "Died in her favorite red dress."
Lewton's Concentrate - Barlew Tunns. "He forgot to concentrate."
Redweed Brew - Red du Wied. "A stronger man there never was."
Fadamor's Formula - Orson du Bas Fadamor. "Killed the giant that dealt his fatal blow."
Dragonstone - Marlen Shephard. "Threw a stone at a dragon."
Bowstring - Todor Milbo. "The townsfolk strung him up."

Others rely on hints (both obvious and obscure):

Flaming Quarrels - Klamontala Pechta. "Touched by flames for honor's sake."
Flaming Quarrels - Corey Perlance. "Lost his life fighting a fire."
Gold Sovereigns - Randall Deigh. "His death has enriched our lives."
Ruby - Ashlyn Mecchus. "All who knew her loved her".
Restoratives - Rosel LaMutian. "Her face was sweet and her hands could heal."
Weedwalkers - Pul Dudding. "No one knew when he came or when he went."
Weedwalkers - Forrest Walker. "Deadicated."
Poisoned Rations - Aglus Soggin. "Another helping put him six feet under."
Shovel - Parker Biddle. "Dug his own grave."
Broadswords - Stell Larim. "She died in her lover's arms."

Two seem to be (not very successful) anagrams:

Naphtha- Kevyn Pathan. "Got too close to his work." [Pathan = Napht(h)a]
Rope - Daniel Velecamp. "Pore pore Danny. Had a bad spell." [Pore = Rope]

The final three below make no sense to me. Perhaps they were not meant to.

Gold Sovereigns - Christopher Madine. "He was like a brother to us."
Picklocks - Dersham Pruitt. "His end justified the means."
Spynote - Jad Peebles. "He engaged in his last undertaking."

SHADES: As far as I can see, there is no obvious hint here, neither in the name nor the epitaph. There seems to be a general indication of serious suffering in life (a terribly ill child, a mother who lost all her children), but most of the hints are less than clear.

Baby Irisa. "A week she cried before she slept."
Melba Kane. "Outlived her kids."
Timothy Weyant. "Suffers no longer."
Ulandra Maggard. "Lost her mind before her life."
Lincoln Albervant. "He lies here too."
Damon Boyersmith. "He didn't want to go."
Luke Midkiff. "Soon the Gods will know his name."
Paulson Berthold. "Came to the Dimwood looking for peace."
Unknown. "May his soul find the peace he could not."