An easter egg can be found in any dungeon, sewer or cave that has an open pit. If the player holds down the 'P' key while they fall into an open pit, the party will fall to the bottom unscathed. At the bottom of the pit, the player is rewarded with various messages are scrawled on to the sides of the wall. Each dungeon, cave or sewer has unique/different messages.

This easter egg was reported by Krondor programmer Timothy Strelchun on the GOG forums. He writes,

As the 30th anniversary of BAK's release is coming up, it's about time to share an Easter egg (I should have done this 10 or 20 years ago!) What did poor souls do while awaiting death after a long fall into the underground pits and surviving (by holding down the "p" key)? They scratched their names into the wall for others, whom also fell in, to know that they had been there! A different scratching/carving can be found in each different type of underground pit (mines, dungeons and sewers).