The Ultimate Money-Making Scheme


We are extremely grateful to SiR Havoc for sharing this wonderful discovery with us!

You may think I'm joking when I state that a Broken Elven Crossbow is the most precious item in the game, but I'm not! It is - and here's why:

Any Crossbow-buying Shop will buy a BROKEN Crossbow at ONE ROYAL (0.01). You can then buy back as many as you want (at the same price), buy a corresponding number of Bowstrings, restring the Bows, and sell the resulting 100% Crossbows at a HUGE profit! Of course the appropriate String needs to be available from the Shop (and often is), but this can easily be taken care of by first selling it to the Shop.

A Light Crossbow is too cheap for this to work well, and the Medium one won't appear in a Shop until Chapter 3. The Bessy Mauler doesn't appear until very late in the game. Of the three others, the Elven Crossbow is the most expensive, and thus ideal for performing this trick.

At the LaMut shop, for example, you will make a profit of approximately 250 Gold Sovereigns per each Elven Crossbow. You only need to sell 40 of these in order to make 10.000 Gold Sovereigns!

The best thing about this trick is that you can work it at the very Start of the game, when money is at its scarcest. In fact you can do it without leaving Zone 1 (the Yabon/LaMut/Zun/Hawk's Hollow/Loriel/Tyr-Sog circuit). The key to this is the fact that the LaMut shop has Elven Crossbows for sale, as well as Light Bowstrings. The Crossbow costs 797.5 Gold Sovereigns, but with patience Owyn can haggle it down to 638.0 Gold. So what you need to do is, first, afford the Bow, and then Break it. There's a small catch here: In order to Break to Bow you will have to use it 40 - 50 times, so enough Combats are needed in order to achieve this. This means that you must first collect the necessary money without killing all the Enemies in the Zone.

My preferred method of doing this is to utilize the road from Tyr-Sog (via Yabon and LaMut) to Zun for collecting the money. I've managed to collect almost 800 Gold Sovereigns in this area, buying nothing except a Whetstone, an Armorer's Hammer, and a Shovel. After the Bow has been bought, I utilize the combats on the road from the Temple of Killian (via Hawk's Hollow) to Loriel to Break the Bow. This procedure is described in more detail below.

Please note: All Weapons and Armor must be repaired before they are sold. It is a good idea to repair them as soon as they're found, just in case they are in better condition than the Weapons and Armor held by the Characters. Always give the best to your Characters!

Also note: Owyn doesn't need any of the Spells found in the area, and he will soon be able to get them anyway. In Combat, let Gorath and Locklear take care of close encounters, while Owyn judiciously applies DESPAIR THY EYES from a distance (resting in between, in order to regain lost Stamina points).


Start a New Game.

NOTE: There is, of course another possible way of achieving this (not tested by me). The LaMut Shop also has a Tsurani Light Crossbow for sale (at 330.0, haggleable down to 264.0). The cash needed to buy this can be collected faster, and once broken, you only need to sell a few in order to afford the Elven one. The problem is that now you need to break TWO Bows instead of one! There are probably enough Combats in Zone 1 to do this, especially since the Tsurani Bow's condition drops faster than the Elven one's. If you prefer this method, by all means go for it. The above is just my personal preference.