Son of the Baron of Land's End, Locklear has achieved great notoriety while serving Arutha con Doin, Prince of Krondor. Decorated for his service at the battles of Armengar and Sethanon during the war known as the Great Rising, he is one of the most honored nobles at the court of Krondor and in many respects is considered an unofficial member of the royal family.

In the ninth year of the reign of King Lyam I, Locklear entered the service of a northern Kingdom garrison to investigate reports of a conflict raging in the Northlands. Shortly after his arrival, his military escort was attacked by moredhel raiders and Locklear found himself cut off from his companions. Later, upon seeing someone fleeing a moredhel warrior, Locklear slew the aggressor only to discover the man he had saved was in fact a moredhel himself, Gorath of the Ardanien Clan.


Although he is an eligible claimant to the moredhel throne in Sar-Sargoth, Gorath has never desired to meddle in the politics of the Northlands, but often he has had little choice. He has been notably vocal in his criticism of the leadership of Delekhan, a moredhel who distinguished himself during the Great Rising as one of Murmandamus' field generals and later claimed the throne of Sar-Sargoth for his own.

Gorath himself has led an impressive military career and during the Riftwar, he directed one of the only moredhel defensives to successfully withstand Tsurani aggression. As he beat back invaders, thousands of moredhel escaped their homes in the Green Heart forest to the safety offered by the Northlands. Only starvation and superior Tsurani numbers eventually drove Gorath and his tribe of the Ardanien to flee across the Great Northern Mountains to their waiting cousins.


More often than not, Owyn Beleforte has been a political embarrassment to his father, the Count of Tiburn. As a result, he has been given a degree of freedom even his elder brothers are envious of, though his father hopes he will one day settle down enough to become a marriageable suitor for the daughter of the Duke of Euper. Far craftier than he is often given credit for, Owyn has a keen eye for detail and can often see patterns invisible to those around him.

All his life, Owyn has dreamed of studying magic and on many occasions has set elaborate plots in motion to spend time with masters of the arcane crafts. He undertook his most notable endeavor when he was only fourteen and vacationing in the city of Ran. Having spent the previous summer needling the household staff about his father's accounts, Owyn discovered a means of redirecting a portion of his father's wealth and managed to hire a magical tutor for nearly seven months. Finally his father detected his activities and recalled him home to Tiburn. Thereafter the Beleforte household staff was ordered to strict silence while in master Owyn's presence.


Once known as Jimmy the Hand, Seigneur James is the son of the Upright Man, the leader of the thieves' guild in Krondor, though James is not aware of his true heritage.

His thieving skills and quickness were legendary, but now, elevated to the nobility by Prince Arutha, Seigneur James has taken his position of authority very seriously, though he still wanders his old thief haunts in disguise on occasion. He is extremely loyal to Arutha, and will do anything his liege lord asks him to do.


Before the days of Pug's Academy of Magic at Stardock, Patrus was kept busy with the buzzing questions of his young apprentices. Now he finds himself without students, a fact that bothers him more than he cares to admit. From time to time he is called upon to work some minor magic or another, but few tasks truly challenge his abilities.

Although Patrus seems addle-brained at times, his (sic) is numbered among the most capable magicians in Midkemia. Wrinkled as yesterday's laundry, his face is greatly expressive. Although he is balding, the sides of his head still foster white wisps of hair and his pointed chin is covered with a haze of beard. He walks with a slight hunch, is still fairly spry for his age and has no problem keeping up with his younger companions.


Orphaned at a young age, Pug was raised in the kitchens of Crydee in the Western Empire. Apprenticed to Kulgan the magician, he showed little magical promise initially. Pug was captured and enslaved by the Tsurani during the Riftwar. Seeing vast potential in the boy, the Great Ones of the Tsurani Empire began to train him in the magic of the Greater Path. When Pug returned to Midkemia, he helped bring an end to the Riftwar with the help of Macros the Black. He was adopted into the royal family and awarded land to begin his Academy of Magic at Stardock. His irresistible friendliness belies the fact that he is the unchallenged master of magic in Midkemia. Pug is the father of two, an adopted daughter, Gamina, who possesses telepathic powers, and William, his natural son.