The Ultimate Nethermander


There is a magnificent BUG in the game, which allows you to multiply any Stackable Item. If you still don't know what a Stackable Item is, go back to the Basic Prices Page to find out.

The best way for you to understand how the bug works is to experience it. Here's a quick way of experiencing STACKBUG:

Start a New Game.

Gorath has Rations [5], Restoratives [10].
Owyn has Rations [11], Herbal Pack [3], Torch [2].
Locklear has Rations [6], Restoratives [10].

Haseth's Body is in front of you.
It has Rations[4], Picklocks[2].

Give these Items to one of your Characters.

Haseth's Body will now be empty.

All the items you're now carrying (except for the Torch) are stackable, and therefore shareable. Utilizing STACKBUG, you can multiply these Items as often as you want, WITHOUT MOVING A STEP! All you need is an Item with a minimum of 2 Charges, and a CACHE with one empty Slot.

Haseth's (or any other) Body is a CACHE. A Cache may be defined as any place which can hold an Item (or Items) - Body, House, Chest, Hole, Bush, Dirt, Grave, etc.

Any CACHE has a MAXIMUM NUMBER OF SLOTS. For example, Haseth's Body can only hold FOUR Items - i.e. it has FOUR SLOTS. Now let's determine this:

Place the two Armors, the Torch and the Herbal Pack on Haseth's Body.

(Don't panic! You can take them back later!)

Now try placing a FIFTH Item on the Body.

The game will refuse.

Now take back the Herbal Pack.

Haseth's Body is now a Cache with ONE SLOT FREE. This is exactly what we want.

Now comes the interesting part. Restoratives are a stackable Item, and will stack up to 24 Charges (the Maximum Stack Value). Gorath and Locklear both have 10 of these. Owyn has none. Now we are going to change Restoratives [1] to Restoratives [24]. Here's how:

Step 1: Make Gorath (or Locklear) give Owyn ONE CHARGE of Restoratives.

Step 2: Make Owyn place this on Haseth's Body.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2.

Now, mysteriously, the game will ask you if you want to give Restoratives [23] to Haseth's Body! Of course you do! The result: Haseth's Body holds Restoratives [24]!! Take them!! Interestingly, the second Restoratives [1], which magically changed to Restoratives [23] at Step 4, will still be intact in Owyn's Inventory!

You can repeat this as often as you want. And of course you can also do it with the Rations, Herbal Pack, and Picklocks. The results will be similar, but instead of Restoratives [23], you will get Rations [13], Herbal Pack [19], Picklocks [35]. This is because of the varying MAXIMUM STACK VALUE. Rations stack up to 14, Herbal Packs to 20, Picklocks to 36. (Use these to experiment!)

To recapitulate: STACKBUG requires a Cache with one Slot free, and a Stackable Item with a minimum of TWO Charges. You need to place Item [1] into the Cache TWICE. The second time its value will change to Maximum Stack Value minus one.

So which Items are Stackable? If you go back to the Basic Prices page, all Stackable Items are shown in RED, with the Maximum Stack Value shown in [Square Brackets]. For your convenience here's a complete list, including Maximum Values:

Rations (any) [14]
Quarrels (any) [25]
Aventurine [12]
Picklocks [36]
Rope [20]
Potio Noxum [8]
Powder Bag [12]
Coltari Poison [20]
Flame Root Oil [12]
Killian's Root Oil [12]
Naphtha [18]
Silverthorn [20]
Silverthorn Anti-Venom [12]
Dalatail Milk [20]
Fadamor's Formula [12]
Herbal Pack [20]
Lewton's Concentrate [12]
Redweed Brew [12]
Restoratives [24]
Truesight Tea [12]

You should now have all the information needed in order to have fun with STACKBUG! But before we leave the subject, I would like to present you with a neat problem, which can be solved by using STACKBUG.

You may have noticed that the above start-of-game example can be performed WITHOUT TAKING A SINGLE STEP! Now I want to stretch this a bit further:

Have you ever longed for better Swords and Armor at the Start of the Game? If you have (how could you not!), I'm sure you've also lusted after the Greatsword and Elven Armor available in the Yabon Shop, just a few steps away from the starting position! And wept bitter tears from utter frustration at not having enough money to buy even ONE of them!

After all, the cost here of two Greatswords (for Gorath and Locklear) and three Elven Armors (for all three Characters) is the staggering amount of 2437.5 (or slightly less, if you can Haggle, which is not likely at this stage)!

Using STACKBUG you can actually afford ALL OF THESE, WITHOUT FIGHTING A SINGLE ENEMY!! (For your information, the first possible Enemies are two Moredhel Warriors north of Yabon, and one Moredhel Warrior south of LaMut.)

Can you solve this conundrum? I have provided a SOLUTION, but if you're a true BAK addict, you will figure it out by yourself. If you manage to come up with a better solution than the one I've found, PLEASE let me know!