Note the innocent looking BAG above!
This is what it holds:

There are definitely two items here that call for closer inspection! What's that? A 165% Medium Crossbow, Poisoned and Flamed?! Can this be true?

Well, that's what it says ... But ....!

Let's give it to Gorath, anyway.
It's probably better than that fragile looking Elven Crossbow.
I wonder what will happen, if he needs to use it, though ...

And how about that yellow thingy? Is it some kind of Armor? Let's see:

Hmmm .... it's even got a name, although it's slightly difficult to pronounce!
Let's look at it through a magnifying glass ...

But what is it? Well, since it is repairable I guess it must be some kind of Armor I've never seen before. It's definitely neither a Sword nor a Crossbow. Poisoned, Flamed and 107% ... they didn't say anything about this in the BAK Help Web.
Well, let's try to give it to Gorath ....
He says there's no room for it! But there's plenty of room ...!?
Does Owyn want it?
Well, I guess he doesn't either ....

Have you guessed what it is?
Or can't you stand the suspense?


The German Bug Bag is a favorite of mine, and I'm most grateful to my German E-pen pal for sharing it with me. It is actually good for some more fun! I tried adding a pack of Owyn's Rations to it's contents, and when I looked again, what did I see?

Yes, you're right!
A Poisoned and Flamed Roric's Seal!!

By adding another pack of Owyn's Rations I managed to call forth another of these, but the third time around resulted in a very interesting non-item, Poisoned and Flamed as usual. By non-item I mean NOTHING, ZILCH, BLACK SPACE (invisible item?). When I tried to drag the Poison Drop and Flame into Inventory, the game finally froze ...

Well, I guess nothing's perfect!